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Software AG and T-Mobile sign global SOA partnership agreement

(PresseBox) (Darmstadt / Bonn, ) .
- Software AG is T-Mobile International’s partner for further development of SOA and
BPM strategy
- Partnership focuses on SOA governance in the field of SOA/BPM technology
- Joint SOA competence center founded in Bonn and Darmstadt

T-Mobile International is developing its ITGovernance methodology and tools in conjunction with Software AG. One of the goals of this venture is to accelerate the introduction of new products and tariffs on the basis of Software AG's technologies for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and business process management (BPM). The two companies are building a joint competence center to handle this international collaboration which is planned to last several years. The competence center is tasked with further developing T-Mobile's SOA/BPM strategy and moving the IT infrastructure forward using SOA/BPM process models. Software AG was awarded the partnership in an international call for bids.

T-Mobile is no newcomer to the SOA market. In fact, within the telecommunications industry it is considered a trailblazer in Service-Oriented Architectures. In this industry in particular, SOA and BPM provide crucial competitive advantages in that they considerably accelerate the marketreadiness of new products. The industry is characterized by a high degree of complexity and large amounts of data: there are millions of customers in Germany alone, as well as many different tariffs and products, to which new products are constantly being added.

T-Mobile's goals in undertaking this joint development of its SOA strategy is to launch new mobile communication products more quickly while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Specifically, these goals will be reached through the use of the webMethods BPM Suite utilizing T-Mobile's existing international SOA platform. T-Mobile's own innovative tool for SOA governance will be converted to a CentraSite-supported solution for SOA and BPM via evolution and innovation phases, which allows the strengths of CentraSite to benefit T-Mobile while T-Mobile's innovative SOA concepts are incorporated into the product.

An important component of the agreement is the establishment of a joint competence center in Bonn and Darmstadt. This center will include IT architects and leading research and development employees from both companies who will work closely together on the implementation of the SOA/BPM strategy.

The agreement was concluded with T-Mobile International and covers Germany and the Netherlands, Austria, the UK, and the Czech Republic.