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Software AG: The Software Market - a New Major Technology Innovation Every Decade

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- The software market is highly dynamic and marked by technology breakthroughs on a regular basis
- A new base technology every 10 years: from data management systems to standard applications, from service-oriented architectures to process optimization
- Software AG's database system, ADABAS, was developed in the 1970s and is currently the fastest database in the world
- Business Process Management and Business Activity Monitoring point the way to the future: They make potential events and problems predictable

Software AG is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. The company was founded on May 30, 1969 in Darmstadt. Since then, it has launched innovative products on the market in every decade-products that helped drive the technology and market trends of the time. The most recent developments in the software market are also the most important ones of recent decades: technologies for business process management and business activity monitoring enable companies to predict events and problems before they occur.

In the 70s, the IT world was dominated by mainframe computer systems that were administered by experts in large computing centers. Data management was the focal point. Software AG was founded in 1969 and introduced ADABAS, its database management system, to the market in 1971. ADABAS went on to become a huge commercial success for Software AG.

In the 80s, PCs and servers conquered the IT world. IT became more tangible, but still fell short of being user-friendly and remained an entirely separate world for many. Software AG developed an environment suited to ADABAS, one that simplifies database programming: NATURAL debuted on the market. This put a tool in customers' hands so they can easily develop their own individual database applications.

In the 90s, the IT world begins to appeal to a wider audience, producing a growing number of open systems that can run standard applications. Software AG introduces EntireX as one of the first integration brokers, connecting applications on different systems.

The new millennium brings drastic and far-reaching changes with the expansion of the Internet. IT becomes a mass movement. Webciety has become a common term for a society that can no longer imagine life without the Internet. Software AG's XML-based database management system, Tamino, paves the way for Internet infrastructures by functioning as a key enabler of today's leading technology, service-oriented architecture (SOA).

The first decade of the new millennium ends with a global crisis that the IT industry must confront as well. As a result of this crisis, many industries are revising their business models and realigning the systems that run in the background. With webMethods BPM, BAM and AlignSpace, Software AG is once more leading the pack. Products of this decade highlight vendor-neutrality and interoperability, and the focus on business processes is revolutionary. If the Webciety was a revolutionary change for the individual, then focusing on business processes is a breakthrough for the business world: BAM and BPM offer technologies that predict future problems and events in real time-enabling companies to avoid them before they happen. "Business Process-Driven IT" becomes the trend of the new decade.

"I believe Software AG is an exceptional company," states Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of Software AG. "We have always developed our own innovations throughout our 40-year history, from ADABAS to AlignSpace, our new platform for Social BPM. We have a global presence like few other companies of our size, and Software AG was on the cutting edge here as well. I'm pleased to be part of this history."