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Software AG Brings Collaboration, Interoperability and Real-Time Visibility to the Extended Enterprise with Latest Webmethods Release

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- webMethods Product Suite delivers faster business results and competitive differentiation via full integration of best-in-class technologies for SOA Governance, Business Integration, Business Process Management, and Legacy Modernization
- Award-winning webMethods BPMS enhanced with simulation, task analytics and expanded automation of human workflow
- Introduction of webMethods Optimize for B2B brings patented analytical monitoring to both suppliers and customers within extended value chains
- webMethods ESB unveiled as the industry’s most comprehensive solution for open standards based application integration and trading partner management
- Latest release to take center stage at Integration World 2007 this November 5-7th in Orlando, Florida Darmstadt, Germany [September 12, 2007] Software AG, a global leader in business infrastructure software, today announced the immediate availability of version 7.1 of the webMethods Product Suite (webMethods 7.1). Based on the combined strengths of webMethods and Software AG, this latest release brings top-ranked technologies for serviceoriented architecture (SOA) governance, business integration, business process management(BPM) and legacy modernization together within a fully-modular product suite. By combining all of these capabilities within a single product suite, webMethods 7.1 helps enterprises reduce operational costs by reusing instead of recreating IT assets; accelerate their process improvement initiatives; and make faster, smarter business decisions. Principal additions in the new release include further enhancements to the business process management component, webMethods BPMS; the introduction of webMethods Optimize for B2B as a realtime monitoring and analysis solution for extended value chains; and the debut of the webMethods ESB as a comprehensive, standards-based enterprise service bus (ESB) solution enabling integration and interoperability of applications, services, processes and partners via a single platform. The overall platform has also been strengthened with improvements designed to measurably enhance performance, reliability and ease-of-use.

Specific components of the webMethods product suite include CentraSite as an industry-leading platform for SOA lifecycle governance, the webMethods ESB and webMethods BPMS, and a rich portfolio of tools for legacy modernization. The webMethods product suite helps enterprises:
- Integrate, modernize and extend legacy systems and applications;
- Connect more efficiently and effectively with trading partners and markets;
- Automate, monitor and continually improve core business processes;
- Collaboratively develop new, Web-based applications without coding; and
- Reconfigure existing IT assets into powerful business solutions.

Major updates and additions in the new release include:
- webMethods BPMS – This award winning BPM solution has been updated to include embedded simulation, sophisticated task analysis, usability enhancements to human workflow, and additional flexibility in reporting and asset categorization.
- webMethods ESB – Providing enterprises with maximum flexibility at a lower operating cost is the webMethods ESB, a standards-based enterprise service bus solution addressing traditional application integration requirements, complex service composition and orchestration scenarios, and the interoperability demands associated with business-tobusiness (B2B) trading networks.
- webMethods Optimize for B2B – Eliminating the gaps where multiple supply chain management applications overlap is Optimize for B2B, a new solution that provides enterprises, customers and partners with real-time, end-to-end visibility into their B2B operations.

These new features were designed from the ground-up to capitalize on the significant innovations first delivered with the webMethods 7.0 release. This subsequent release offers current webMethods customers (version 6.5 or earlier) a seamless upgrade path. Furthermore, Software AG expects to unveil the CentraSite Governance Edition, an updated version of the webMethods Infravio X-Registry, next month in conjunction with the SOA Governance Summit, which is being hosted by Software AG in Copenhagen on October 2, 2007.

“In order to keep pace with business change, the underlying business infrastructure must work to synchronize these changes across multiple users, data stores and systems,” said Dr. Peter Kürpick, President and Chief Product Officer of the webMethods business line of Software AG.

“What’s needed is a more holistic, lifecycle approach for managing both IT assets and business processes that brings governance, interoperability, collaboration and visibility together as a sustainable and scalable response to these demands. In other words, what Software AG’s webMethods uniquely delivers today.”

Kürpick continued, “By fully addressing the needs of all process actors, including legacy systems, external trading partners, and third-party services, as well as both business and IT users, webMethods can streamline the deployment of more powerful solutions. Our current release establishes both our ESB and BPM solutions as the broadest and most comprehensive in the industry, and marks the debut of a powerful solution for improving supply chain performance.”

webMethods 7.1 – New features at-a-glance webMethods BPMS webMethods BPMS is a full feature process design, execution, monitoring and management platform. webMethods BPMS is a full feature process design, execution, monitoring and management platform. In recent evaluations, Forrester Research recognized webMethods BPMS as a leader in both The Forrester Wave™: Human-Centric BPM For Java Platforms, Q3 2007(August 3, 2007) and The Forrester Wave™: Integration-Centric Business Process Management Suites, Q4 2006 (December 20, 2006).

A significant enhancement to webMethods BPMS is the inclusion of full-feature simulation capabilities in the current release. Using estimated, random or historical business data, simulation allows users to test and evaluate the performance of proposed business processes and changes under real-world conditions prior to implementation. Specific features include visualization, scenario management, bottleneck identification, multi-process simulation, reporting, round tripping and versioning. By analyzing this data, users can quickly optimize process performance and more assuredly implement suggested changes.

In accordance with popular ‘measurement-driven’ methodologies, such as Six Sigma and Lean, webMethods 7.1 also delivers a new class of out-of-the-box, task-related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be easily customized. The insight that they offer into the ways in which users impact process performance can be used to better prioritize, delegate or escalate tasks, and to ‘close-the-loop’ by suggesting subsequent process improvements. In order to maximize productivity, business analysts can define specific KPIs at design-time that are automatically monitored and measured by the business activity monitoring (BAM) engine.

Additional features of webMethods BPMS 7.1 include business calendaring and integration with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, new service level agreement (SLA) management tools, additional, out-of-the-box task analytics and overall performance improvements. Using these features, users can focus on continually improving their business processes to deliver better bottom line business results.

webMethods B2B The latest release of the product suite also marks the debut of webMethods Optimize for B2B, a new business activity monitoring solution for extended value chain implementations. Through the use of the core webMethods BAM engine to monitor and analyze real-time process performance, Global 2000 enterprises have slashed problem resolution times throughout their supply chain by 75% or more, which has allowed them to bolster their perfect order scores to over 99%. Now, suppliers and customers can also take advantage of these capabilities to more readily detect and respond to process exceptions, changes and errors across transactions occurring throughout these systems.

Key features of Optimize for B2B include statistical baselining as a means for determining normal behavior, KPI management, predictive alerting, root-cause analysis and the automated triggering of business rules. As a result, Optimize for B2B can be used to further automate extended supply chains while dramatically improving their performance.

Another key addition to the webMethods for B2B solution is the introduction of a new customer self-service application. It provides enterprises with an out-of-the-box solution that customers and partners can use to personalize and manage their access to real-time reporting and performance monitoring. In addition to offering a single view of operations via an executive dashboard, it also offers the ability to customize all reporting and threshold requirements.

The security of transactional-level data, both internally and externally, has also been enhanced by the introduction of role-based transaction monitoring. As a result, access to sensitive data can be more finely controlled with auditable user logs delivering additional assurances.

webMethods ESB Building upon Software AG and webMethods’ long-term leadership in SOA, EAI, B2B and Web services management, the webMethods ESB is a best-in-class solution facilitating comprehensive integration and interoperability between disparate IT assets using either proprietary or standards-based interfaces, as required. The webMethods ESB allows these organizations to take advantage of an evolutionary approach to SOA, employing service-based integration, when possible, while also supporting proprietary interfaces, where needed. Through reuse of these interfaces, enterprises can also capitalize on significant cost-savings, improved productivity and greater responsiveness.

The webMethods ESB, which debuts with the version 7.1 release, fully supports a number of key industry standards, including SOAP 1.2, MTOM/XOP, JMS, WS Security and WS-I, as a means for delivering turnkey interoperability and orchestration of Web services within a service-oriented architecture. The platform has also been enhanced to provides faster and more efficient processing of large documents via additional streaming and compression support. These enhancements build upon a proven integration platform to deliver best-in-class performance, scalability and extensibility.

Version 7.1 of the webMethods product suite is available now. Additional information, including pricing, is available from an authorized Software AG sales representative. This latest release may also be previewed at Integration World 2007, taking place this November 5-7th in Orlando, Florida. Additional information on this 6th annual conference can be found at