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From Big Data to Big Steel and Big Help: Software AG at CeBIT 2015 with strong partners

(PresseBox) (Darmstadt/Hannover, Germany, ) Digitization has reached the heart of society and is impacting everything. The significance of IT is changing entirely because it supports real-time decision-making in an increasingly complex, fast-paced business world. As such, IT is gaining importance and influence in modern business: Digitization is becoming a key factor for success. At CeBIT 2015, Software AG and its partners will show visiting professionals how to bring IT out of the basement and make it their business with impressive use cases.

Smart Big Data meets Big Steel: Smart Big Steel

Using the steel industry as an example, Software AG is presenting the successful implementation of IT in an increasingly networked industry (Industry 4.0). Steel is everywhere, from paperclips to power poles: Cars are made of 63 percent steel. It is an indispensable material in generating energy, and a modern transportation infrastructure with streets, bridges and railways would be unthinkable without steel. 3.5 million people work in steel-intensive industries in Germany alone. And steel is a high-tech product that generates huge masses of data in its processing - Big Steel Data. Over the period of a year, a complex network of laser, ultrasound, video, vibration and temperature sensors for quality monitoring produce more than 100 TB of process data in a single steel-producing company. This is equivalent to the content of more than 30 million telephone books. How does Big Steel become Smart Steel - in other words, how is this intelligent data evaluated and made available to the production chain in real time to prevent outages, reduced quality and rejects? Software AG will show the crowds at CeBIT with the iProdict research project, a joint project with consortium partners1 that is currently in its initial phase.

Big Help - saving lives with the Livesapp

Software AG and its university partner RWTH Aachen will present another example of truly life-saving apps at CeBIT. Hopefully it won't happen to anyone at CeBIT: sudden cardiac arrest. It is one of the most frequent causes of death in Europe. No other emergency is as time critical, because permanent brain damage can occur a mere three minutes after the heart stops beating. The first aider notification system "Livesapp", developed by the IMA institute at RWTH Aachen University, steps in here to improve the survival rate among victims. The goal: to significantly increase the number of cases where CPR is administered before professional emergency services arrive. How does it work? When a call is placed to the emergency number, potential first aiders who are in the vicinity and have medical training are automatically notified via the Livesapp. Not only does the system identify first aiders and trained laypeople, it also maps the shortest route to the victim's location using the mobile device to ensure that first aid can be started as quickly as possible - before emergency medical services can even arrive. This app will be demonstrated on an artificial dummy victim at the Software AG booth in partnership with the RWTH Aachen University.

Conquering the digital world together: Strong partners at CeBIT 2015

The technological prerequisites for success in the digital world: perfectly integrated products and solutions for business processes, IT management, integration & process automation, real-time data analysis and big data. Strong partners support Software AG in these efforts and they are presenting many more examples for ways to successfully conquer the digital world at the Software AG booth.

"At Software AG, partnering is not a choice," says Eric Duffaut, Chief Customer Officer and board member of Software AG, underlining the importance of partners. "The choice has been made! We do value our ecosystem of partners who add industry-specific expertise and act as an extension of Software AG to deliver together seamless connectivity and adaptive game-changing applications to customers who want to innovate to stand out in the digital world. We are simply better together!"

The following partners/sponsors are presenting their solutions at the Software AG booth at CeBIT 2015 in hall 4, C11 (in alphabetical order):

Amazon Web Services
Over a million customers have joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) community and use AWS solutions to build their businesses. The AWS cloud computing platform provides the flexibility to build your application, your way, regardless of your use case or industry. You can save time, money, and let AWS manage your infrastructure, without compromising scalability, security, or dependability. Software AG's cloud solutions run on the AWS cloud.

CrossVista TEAM Server is a fully integrated application lifecycle management solution for managing Software AG's webMethods product suite. CrossVista is uniquely positioned to automatically update CentraSite's webMethods assets as part of an end-to-end DevOps process.

Cumulocity GmbH is a leading provider of software and solutions for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Device management, real time 'big data' analytics in cooperation with Software AG as well as applications in key verticals including retail, industrial internet and real-time tracking are key elements of this offering.

FACT Informationssysteme und Consulting AG is a leading provider of software solutions, conceptual consultancy and other services for the entire capital investment process. With FIRST, its management cockpit for capital investments, the company takes the next step down the road to the digital enterprise and together with Presto from Software AG offers ideal solutions for the requirements of big data and mobile.

IDS Scheer Consulting
IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH has been offering expert consultancy on the development and implementation of efficient business processes for more than 30 years. IDS Scheer Consulting helps companies, public authorities and institutions make the strategic decisions that drive their cost effectiveness, efficiency and business success. At CeBIT, you can learn about the individual customization possibilities of ARIS Connect, the new ARIS mobile apps and naturally our entire portfolio around ARIS services: BPM Consulting, migration, solutions and operation.

nterra integration GmbH
nterra integration GmbH will present its expertise in technology-agnostic integration and process solutions. nterra consults with customers on building, expanding and running a webMethods-based platform and provides fundamental support with application development and implementations.

Pepperl + Fuchs
Pepperl + Fuchs GmbH and Software AG will jointly present a possible solution for this task. The exhibit shows the tapping of machine sensor data, transmitting it wirelessly to an Industry 4.0 platform without interfering in the machine control loop.

is a cloud-enabled, modular policy, billing and claims management solution designed specifically for the general insurance industry. It promotes customer centricity by providing a personalized experience to any and all users, whether they are end-customers, employees or third parties.

Salesforce, the number one in CRM, offers new ways for companies to connect to their customers in sales, customer service and marketing. Many of these companies use Salesforce in combination with other applications to provide sales and customer service data from the back office (for example, SAP systems). Software AG's new webMethods integration app enables companies to seamlessly link all back-office, cloud-based and mobile data and exchange it with existing business processes, applications and data.

Telefónica Deutschland Holding
Telefónica Deutschland Holding AG offers M2M-technologies which can realize the comprehensive transmission and control of data. Thus, individual machines or whole systems can communicate worldwide with each other.

For more detailed information on our partners and a booth overview, please visit the CeBIT microsite.

1) iPRODICT is a consortium led by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in an interdisciplinary team of researchers (DFKI, Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems), industry experts (Blue Yonder GmbH, Pattern Recognition Company GmbH, Software AG) and users. The consortium is working to develop an intelligent approach to the automated improvement of business and production processes.

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