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SLM Solutions GmbH - cooperation with EADS Innovation Works

SLM Solutions and EADS are working together in additive manufacturing techniques

(PresseBox) (Lübeck, ) SLM Solutions and EADS Innovation Works have signed a cooperation agreement to work together on metal alloys for use in additive manufacturing techniques and SLM systems. EADS Innovation Works does assist SLM Solutions in this cooperation in the field of research and development.

The Additive Layer Manufacturing Method is engaged in the production of aircraft parts and components and gets more and more into focus. It is the understanding of the characterization of metals that will hold the key to the successful use of SLM in this industry.

EADS Innovation Works is expanding its research capacity in SLM and signed a cooperation agreement with SLM Solutions. EADS Innovation Works will locate an SLM machine SLM® 125 HL at its Ottobrunn laboratories to explore the metal characterization of a full range of alloys. As part of the cooperation, EADS Innovation Works will support SLM with research and development services.

"This system is perfectly suited for material investigation and therefore it's complementary to the other ALM machines within EADS Innovation Works at Filton in the U.K., which are sized with larger build chambers for real applications and larger components," said Katja Schmidtke, a research engineer in EADS Innovation Works' Technical Capability Center 2 (TCC 2) for metallic technologies and surface engineering.

Schmidtke explained that since few metallic alloys currently are characterized for Additive Layer Manufacturing from the properties viewpoint, the EADS Innovation Works/SLM Solutions cooperation will provide valuable research opportunities. It will cover established, currently-used powders based on aluminum, titanium and nickel alloys, along with new materials like Invar or platinum, and other metal solutions.

Hans J. Ihde, Managing director of SLM Solutions GmbH, sees the efforts of SLM Solutions confirmed: "We did work many years as pioneer and technology leader in the ALM systems and did invest in research and development of equipment and materials. With EADS Innovation Works, we have a partner that helps support our philosophy and the way we work." Henner Schöneborn, Technical Director, adds: "Together with EADS Innovation Works, we will optimize both their plants and continue to create new materials to withstand even higher demands."

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The SLM Solutions GmbH, pioneer in the sector of Rapid Manufacturing Systems, is serving customers in the fields of Vacuum Casting, Metal Casting and Selective Laser Melting for more than 50 years. Focused industries are automotive, education, consumer electronics, aerospace and medical.

As a pioneer in this field, SLM Solutions is developing and producing specific and economical solutions for their customers. The company has long time know-how in Rapid Prototyping processes and customer areas. This knowledge was aquired under the previos company setups and names HEK GmbH, MCP HEK Tooling GmbH, MTT Technologies GmbH and finally SLM Solutions GmbH. In 2010 SLM Solutions GmbH was separated from the previous MTT Technologies Group to improve flexibility in enhancing innovative products and solutions for generative system technology as ALM and SLM. Another focus will be on sales and service network to be attended more directly.