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Instant OGo 'Siena' now available

Instant OpenGroupware 2.0 got released: It comes with new Operating System, integrated Samba Server and numerous improvements

(PresseBox) (Magdeburg, ) Skyrix Software AG is pleased to announce the release of Instant OGo Groupware Linux version 2.0.

Instant OGo is a Business Server that provides a professional email and collaboration solution to run a company-wide groupware including all necessary services like e-mail, calendar and document sharing.

The release is named after the Italian city Siena because of its 'Piazza del Campo'. A beautiful public place, Instant OGo developers visited to seek inspiration in creation of useful sharing services.

With Siena, Instant OGo offers a well integrated suite of programs that work together to allow Windows clients to access the groupware server's filespace. The feature has been implemented using Samba, a free software re-implementation of Microsofts Windows network file system (SMB).

Thanks to Instant OGo Siena, knowledge of Linux is not necessary either for the initial set-up or for any later configuration. The Groupware Linux can serve files to all clients in your network, greatly reducing the need for additional hardware, software, and network administration. Users become more productive with Instant OGo 2.0.

Not only collaboration features have been enhanced but also the entire operating system has been upgraded. Siena is based on the brand-new CentOS 5, one of the most advanced, scalable and secure enterprise class Linux systems available.

Furthermore, Instant OGo 2.0 offers numerous improvements, for example a notification message when reaching the email quota limit, a configuration parameter for the MTA's message size limit and a revised edition of the Sieve filter editor. Siena also contains a new function to add a default signature or disclaimer to each outgoing email for particular users or groups.

For more information, please visit

If you have any questions about Instant OGo Groupware Linux 2.0 Siena, please do not hesitate to contact Skyrix.

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