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signotec at the DMS Expo 2013 in Stuttgart

Highest security for the own electronic signature

(PresseBox) (Ratingen, ) The signotec GmbH is informing about security concepts for the use of electronic signatures which were embedded via Pen-Pad or a mobile end device at the DMS Expo 2013 in Stuttgart, hall 5 at the VOI-partner stand D51. signotec develops and manufactures soft- as well as hardware components of its signature solutions on its own, Made in Germa-ny, and thereby owns a unique position on the market. The perfectly syn-chronized systems offer highest security for electronic signing. signotec is presenting the DMS Expo visitors the complete bandwidth of legally justified solutions for the signing of digital documents on the screen. In a technical lecture within the framework of the VOI-Academy, signotec is informing on the 24.09.13 at 15:30 about the subject “optimization of signature-based payment systems with Signature-Pads at the POS”.

With the signotec-solutions, companies can create as well as sign legally justified documents and thereby avoid media disruptions and optimize their business processes. The signotec GmbH is dedicated to any industry sector with a high amount of documents and offers a wide range of special solutions, which can be embedded in existing systems like e.g. SAP without any problems.

Soft- and hardware components perfectly in tune with another

For the capturing of the signature with biometric parameters, signotec will show on the DMS Expo its self-developed and “Made in Germany” Signature-Pads Sigma, Omega and Alpha for the stationary and mobile use. The Signature-Pads are contrasting their self from the competitors through their ergonomic shape and tech-nical details. The newest development is the A4-Pad “Alpha”. It allows the simulta-neous signing of a PDF and an original document and therefor meets the written form requirement. Large-scale Pen-Pads are particularly needed, if you want to display complex documents, which you have to sign. Thanks to a new technical process from signotec, it is even possible to meet the written form requirement, which applies for e.g. loan agreements, with the device: the signee lays the original document on the pad and signs paper and PDF at the same time via electronic print through.

Together, Signature-Pads and software form an optimizing, legally justified and per-fectly synchronized solution for the signing of PDF-documents. Products for desktop-signing like signoSign/2, browser-based systems like signoSign/Web or signoSign/mobile, a solution especially for the use on mobile devices like iPad or other smartphones / tablets, are serving as the software fundament. The newest versions of signoSign/2 and signoSign/mobile are certified by the TÜV.

RSA-signature- and encryption mechanisms in the pad

At the signotec exhibition stand, visitors of the DMS Expo 2013 can have a look, how the document generated by their own application will be displayed on the screen, signed on the signotec Signature-Pad and thereby being implemented digitally and evidential into the document. Characteristic information of the signature, like writing speed and pressure are going to be saved secure in the document and can be verified later on, like an original signature, by handwriting-experts. The PDF-document or the content displayed on the pad, biometric signature included, is not going to be signed in the unsecure PC-environment, but rather directly in the pad. Also the data-transfer from Pen-Pad to PC is encrypted. Afterwards the signed document can be implemented in following Workflows and be archived without any media disruption.

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signotec GmbH

signotec was founded in 2000 and is market- and technology leader in the field of electronic signatures via pen-pad or mobile end device. With signotec´s products the user is able to sign as usual, also digitally, optimize business processes, avoid media disruption, authenticate persons and create legally compliant documents. Electronic documents being signed in this way can be checked always, everywhere and by everybody without any technical complexity. With signotec signature solutions signing remains as simple and safe as it has always been. Signing, though, takes place directly within the electronic document. Thus cost-intensive media disruption contingent on the use of paper can be prevented, and electronic documents are protected by the digital signature and can be verified. Clients of signotec are international industrial corporations, chain stores and –enterprises, numerous institutes of the finance groups and insurance companies.