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signotec: Reduction of paper optimises workflows in the healthcare sector

With signotec solutions, hospitals, doctors’ offices and retirement homes can implement digital signature systems, preventing media conversions and making much more efficient use of management and time resources.

(PresseBox) (Ratingen, ) In the healthcare sector, numerous documents such as direct debit mandates, registration forms, invoices, operation consent forms and many others must be signed by patients every day. The effort required to manage this disrupts the workflow and generates a great deal of work. Many documents are prepared on computers, printed out and signed by patients, only to be manually scanned, filed and archived again. This task often takes up a lot of valuable time, which could be better spent doing other things.

Not only does the special SignoSign software solution from signotec allow patients to digitally sign documents, SignoSign also manages electronically signed documents with great efficiency. The document to be signed is generated in the in-house system and is displayed for the patient onscreen. After the patient has read through the document, he signs on the signotec signature pad, authentically inserting his digital signature into the document. Biometric information, such as writing speed and pressure, are recorded while signing; these can later be verified by a handwriting expert, just like a handwritten signature. The transfer of data from the pad to the PC is encrypted, so it is not possible to spy on the biometric features of the signature. After confirmation, the document signed using SignoSign is automatically archived electronically according to the patient and can be accessed at any time by searching the patient’s medical data.

Technology leader signotec already set new standards with the introduction of its software and hardware, developed and manufactured in Germany. The solution has been endorsed by an independent, court-certified handwriting expert, and the system been certified by the TÜV Saarland testing and certification organisation. The reliability of signotec signature pads, used in conjunction with SignoSign software, has also been validated. The Sigma and Omega models are regarded as ‘best in class’ and are ideally suited to both desk-bound and mobile use. The pads’ exterior can be individually designed to reflect customer colour preferences and logos can, of course, also be incorporated. With its large, colour display, the Omega signature pad is especially suited for use in the geriatric care sector. Documents are shown in a large, easy-to-read format; texts and pictures are rendered in a very high image quality.

The signotec solution has proved itself in practice over many years in different areas of the healthcare sector. The software can be integrated into a number of existing applications. For example, in dentists’ offices the “Charly” software solution is used in conjunction with SignoSign; in general practitioners’ offices, the pad solution has been implemented with MEDIASTAR over the last few years. For daily office use, the Sigma and Omega pads function in a number of different ways: some practices set up specific central client and patient terminals; in other businesses the pads are used directly in the treatment rooms. Hospitals use the pads in the admissions and administrative departments and also for internal processes, for example for control documents.

• Automatic entry into medical forms
• Legally valid - the applicability of "SignoSign" has been evaluated by a certified handwriting expert as being better than original signatures on paper
• Elimination of cost-intensive media conversions
• Faster workflow for the entire healthcare sector
• Automatic archiving of documents
• Each document can be digitally displayed and signed
• More reliable and cost-efficient than paper documents
• Ease of use for patients and administration

signotec GmbH

About signotec:
signotec was founded in 2000 and is the market and technology leader in the electronic signature sector using pen pads or tablet PCs. The products from signotec allow not only both handwritten and digital signing but also enable users to optimise their business processes, avoid media conversions, authenticate people and create legally binding documents. Electronic documents signed in this manner can be checked at any time, anywhere and by anyone without incurring any technical costs. Solutions from signotec keep the recording of signatures as simple and secure as ever. Signatures are recorded directly in the electronic document. This eliminates the cost-intensive media conversions that arise when using paper. The electronic documents are protected by the digital signature and can therefore be verified as genuine. signotec’s clients include German and international industry customers, retail chains and companies, financial services providers, numerous savings banks and credit unions in Germany, as well as insurance companies and brokers. The subsidiary is based in Spielfeld (near Graz) in Austria and supports customers in southern and eastern Europe.