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Testing and certification organisation TÜV Saarland validates secure signature solutions by signotec

Once again, signotec’s SignoSign receives the “Verified Software” certification mark from TÜV Saarland

(PresseBox) (Ratingen, ) Ratingen, Germany, February 2011: signotec’s software and hardware developed in Germany provides all the necessary components in one package for implementing electronic signatures. Continual improvements and further developments are being made on the technology. The latest SignoSign software version, together with the Sigma and Omega signature pads, fulfils all of the TÜV requirements and has once again received the “Verified Software” certificate. Expert appraisers from tekit Consult Bonn GmbH, a specialist firm within the TÜV Saarland Group, conducted another audit to test the products' reliability and performance, before granting the seal of approval.

signotec’s SignoSign software is the standard for personal digital electronic signatures using a signature pad. The software allows signatures to be integrated into digital documents, whereby in addition to the writing image, intrinsic indicators such as timing, rhythm and writing speed are also securely integrated into the document. Secure encryption of the data prevents any subsequent tampering with the data. These digital documents signed onscreen therefore provide the same level of security as original signatures on paper. This has been confirmed in an appraisal report from a court-certified handwriting expert, who attested that the detailed graphic and forensic analysis of the signatures can be preserved as evidence.

Last year, the solutions from signotec GmbH were already rated as tamper-proof by TÜV Saarland. The Ratingen-based company insists on regular testing, once again demonstrating its determination to provide its customers with secure product solutions at the highest level. “It is particularly important to us that the products meet the current requirements and regulations. Tests conducted by neutral, government-approved testing organisations have reconfirmed our approach. Furthermore, growing interest from customers proves to us that we have achieved the right level of security with our quality products through certificates and independent assessments,” says Arne Brandes, Managing Director of signotec. For their commitment, signotec GmbH received a most gratifying response from tekit project leader Oliver Lödorf: “Continual further development of the SignoSign software, well-designed and convenient handling and a high degree of security were all factors contributing to the positive test results,” says the expert.
As stated in the test report: “The hardware and software function as a closed system. During testing, the tester did not detect any security gaps. The tester was unable to find any saved, unencrypted raw data.” After conducting a battery of tests on SignoSign during the TÜV inspection, no data could be injected into the transmission path. Tampering with the signed PDF file was picked up immediately, and clearly and explicitly identified. These attempts at tampering were detected not only in SignoSign but also in “Adobe Reader X”, where they were clearly marked. Any tampering with the extremely popular Adobe software is therefore guaranteed to be recognised. Electronically signed documents can be checked for tampering by anyone, anywhere and at anytime with the current and freely available Acrobat Reader.

“The TÜV Saarland certification mark has become not only a standard but is also being consulted more and more often before making a purchasing decision. We have come to consider the certificate not just as a nice bonus but as something essential. For this reason we will definitely be placing a great deal of importance on regular testing in the future. We are glad to have tekit Consult GmbH as a reliable and competent testing partner; as experts, they have also be called upon by many German courts to serve as specialised authorities,” says Brandes.

signotec GmbH

About signotec:
signotec was founded in 2000 and is the market and technology leader in the electronic signature sector using pen pads or tablet PCs. The products from signotec allow not only both handwritten and digital signing but also enable users to optimise their business processes, avoid media conversions, authenticate people and create legally binding documents.

Electronic documents signed in this manner can be checked at any time, anywhere and by anyone without incurring any technical costs. Solutions from signotec keep the recording of signatures as simple and secure as ever. Signatures are recorded directly in the electronic document. This eliminates the cost-intensive media conversions that arise when using paper. The electronic documents are protected by the digital signature and can therefore be verified as genuine.

signotec’s clients include German and international industry customers, retail chains and companies, financial services providers, numerous savings banks and credit unions in Germany, as well as insurance companies and brokers.
The subsidiary is based in Spielfeld (near Graz) in Austria and supports customers in southern and eastern Europe.