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Expanded functions for workshop programs

(PresseBox) (Fürth, ) Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) has significantly expanded the functions of the workshop programs ShopTurn and ShopMill. The new functions significantly reduce the programming time for CNC applications. The programs thus increase productivity at the workshop level. The technology packages are just as suitable for cycle-controlled flatbed machines, inclined bed lathes, and horizontal or vertical turning and milling centers as they are for complex machining centers in machine tool building and mold making.

In graphical programming, ShopTurn now supports highly complex complete lathes with swivel axis and associated milling spindle. Turning tools as well as milling tools can be used here. In the milling area, the B axis can be swiveled and thus functions like a normal swivel axis. The milling tools or drills are aligned or oriented with the B axis.

The orientated turning tools can be programmed interactively and graphical milling and drilling allows simple programming even in the case of inclined surfaces. ShopTurn also contains a powerful tool management system for multitools. Graphical simulation is also available for oriented tools and guarantees high process safety even with swiveled axes.

The ShopMill workshop program now contains new functions like trochoidal milling and plunge milling. The trochoidal milling function is now integrated over one cycle, dispensing with the separate programming on an external CAD/CAM system that used to be necessary. This trochoidal milling is used for roughing and contour preparation with layered VHM milling tools, especially in the case of hardened materials up to 65 HRC. In the case of HSC roughing, the process ensures that the tool is never completely plunged, the tool paths are smooth and rounded, and the set overlap is precisely observed. Vibration is also prevented. The plunging functionality has also been integrated into ShopMill over one cycle. Plunge milling is regarded as the preferred process for removing grooves and cavities. The new functions of ShopMill allow for the first time helix milling on circular pockets, "direct swiveling of rotary axis" for simple machine kinematics, and optimized direction selection on rotary axes.