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sera has set new standards in dosing technology

sera CVD - Compact Vertical Dosing System

(PresseBox) (Immenhausen, ) In practice, sera's application and customer-specific dosing systems have proven their reliability many times over globally. Thanks to decades of know-how on precise and optimum turnkey dosing systems, sera's engineers have managed to get a new, standardized dosing system ready for production - the sera CVD (Compact Vertical Dosing). This system not only impresses with its suitability for many different dosing applications but sets new standards in efficiency, operating reliability and short-term availability.

Standardized and still flexible? Many options and still quickly available?

The objective was to offer a well-engineered product that combines the maximum in application and technological flexibility, while providing the savings of a standardised product.

This was realised with an all modular design of the dosing system. This design makes it possible to customise the functions of the systems to individual customer demands and dosing requirements using standardised components - just like a building set. A number of optional standardised accessories such as pulsation dampeners and terminal boxes for the electrical supply are also available. Safety upgrades such as collecting basins, splash guards, leakage sensors and diaphragm rupture indicators, ensure an optimum level of protection for the environment, the system and the operators.

Thanks to the well thought out modular design of the CVD coupled with the sera "plug & dose principle", it is possible to add or replace fittings and components without problems during or even after commissioning and without cost-intensive modifications. Defined pipe connections do their part in reducing the costs of the installation to a minimum.

sera offers three types of dosing systems for delivery rates of up to 60 l/h, 550 l/h and 1,500 l/h under the designation CVD1.

The basic design of the system consists of the following parts:

- sera diaphragm dosing pump (set up for the application)
- Two-way ball valves on pressure side (closing off and discharging)
- Diaphragm overflow valve
- Wall mounting plate made of PP (including collecting basin)
- Pipe work pressure side made of PVC-U, PP
- Gaskets made of EPDM or FPM

A larger system (CVD2) is available if higher delivery rates or simultaneous dosing of two different media is required. Unlike the CVD 1, this dosing system consists of two diaphragm pumps and the corresponding components. Just like the smaller dosing system, it can be upgraded with a number of optional accessories.

All in all, the customer has a high-quality product at his disposal that not only impresses with its technical features, high degree of flexibility, productivity and safety but also offers an excellent cost/performance ratio.

It leaves nothing to be desired - an overview of the benefits of the new CVD:

- Standard product in proven sera quality.
- Standardised system made out of standardised components.
- High degree of individual adaptability thanks to modular design.
- Wide range of optional, standardized accessories.
- Very simple installation and commissioning thanks to sera's "plug & dose".
- Extensive safety upgrades are available.
- Reduced size thanks to a compact and space-saving design.
- Excellent cost/performance ratio.
- Short delivery times and a high degree of availability.

sera ProDos GmbH

The independent, privately owned company Seybert & Rahier ("sera") has been developing customized product and system solutions in the field of dosing and compressor technology for a wide range of trades and innovative industries for over 65 years. As a leading manufacturer of dosing pumps, dosing units and diaphragm compressors, sera with their national subsidiaries sera ProDos GmbH and sera ComPress GmbH has more than 30 representative offices worldwide, as well as international subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Objectives of sera ProDos GmbH:
- Sales of dosing, handling/conveying and process technology
- Technical support, assembly and commissioning, spare parts
- Service, maintenance and repair service, customer training

Objectives of sera ComPress GmbH:
- Sales of compressors, gas and fluid technology
- Technical support, assembly and commissioning, spare parts
- Service, maintenance and repair service, customer training

Above all, sera provides robust and durable products of the highest quality, 100% "made in Germany"!