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Well rinsed!

Utilising sera dosing systems in the CIP processes of a brewery

(PresseBox) (Immenhausen, ) Wherever food products are being handled, the workplace must be cleaned and kept clean. Not only the visible soiling but also the "invisible" contamination is removed here because a food product can be altered through innumerable micro-organisms. This particularly applies to beer in breweries.

To avoid having to dismantle all individual parts for the cleaning process in the lines, there is the option of CIP (Cleaning In Place). A privately owned brewery in Austria, which has been using sera pumps in its installations for many years with full satisfaction, presented us with the task of designing and delivering dosing systems for the addition of various cleaning chemicals in the framework of CIP cleaning.

Multi-talent CVD offers the best solution

After thorough consultation with Hennlich in Schärding, the decision was made in favour of 5 dosing systems of the type CVD (Compact Vertical Dosing System), not least because of the firm's positive experiences with sera pumps. These CVD pumps are designed for the dosing of 50% nitric acid, sodium hypochlorite, 50% soda lye and anolyte solution. Anolyte is a week pH-neutral sodium-hypochlorite solution with a very high bactericide, viricide and fungicide effect. It is material-compatible and neither corrosive nor toxic.

Economic, flexible and user-friendly

The CVDs are mounted compact on a wall mounting board. A pressure relief valve is provided to safeguard against excess pressure. As the long pipelines presented the risk of pulsations, the system was also furnished with pulsation dampers. Suction lances, dosing hoses and matching connection fittings completed the installations. The five installations are identical in type which means simplified and economic spare parts inventories. Altogether, an economic and favourably priced solution could be delivered to the brewery client. For several weeks now, the sera dosing systems have helped the beer from the Austrian brewery to continue to be clean and perfect to taste.

sera ProDos GmbH

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