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Ice cream tastes better - Thanks to sera!

sera dosing technology for the CIP cleaning processes at R&R Ice Cream

(PresseBox) (Immenhausen, ) R&R Ice Cream developed from the merging of Roncadin in Germany and Richmond Ice Cream in Great Brittain and is one of Europe's largest ice cream producers.

The company produces well-known ice products such as Botterbloom, Nimm2, Del Monte, Landliebe, Smarties Nasch, Käpt'n Cool Schatztruhe, After Eight and some others. These are primarily R&R ice cream products or products managed in cooperation with the brand owners, e.g. Nestlé or Mars. The company produces for many large trade chains across all of Europe, among them Aldi, Edeka, Marks & Spencer and Tesco.

The Osnabrück location produces up to 150 million litres of ice cream a year with approx. 550 workers on 22 production lines.

Hygiene, of course, plays an extraordinary role in the processing or manufacturing of food products, if not the most important role.

A specialist and market leader for pumpable food products, (in the milk-processing industry, and others) is GEA TDS from Sarstedt. With these projects, GEA TDS regularly incorporates the proven products and expertise from sera. For many years now, both companies have been working extremely successfully in the area of liquid chemical dosing.

Four pumps provide all necessary functions

The engineers from GEA TDS have therefore integrated four sera dosing systems of type DAV 75.1 into the CIP system installed in 2009. The new CIP system includes a total of eight cleaning cycles, and with 50,000 litres it has been designed for approx. 450 cleaning cycles per week. Roughly 22,000 t of disinfectant, 100,000 t of soda lye and 5,000 t of nitric acid are required for this. All of these chemicals are dosed with the sera DAVs.

The dosing systems are used in the following areas: tank cleaning, pipe cleaning, heater cleaning and freezer cleaning.

The cleaning processes are performed according to so-called CIP recipes. There are eight recipes for 230 objects altogether.

Example for a recipe:

Hot water (40 °C), pre-rinsing without chemicals
1% soda lye (increase to 5% quantity-proportional subsequent regeneration)
Intermediate rinse
Nitric acid
Subsequent rinsing with cold fresh water
Discharge (extracting the system content with H2O)
Subsequent rinsing to discharge disinfectant

The dosing systems are equipped with the latest selectable pump generation of model series C409.2 with integrated Profibus DP10 interface. This permits the optimal integration into the higher level control process. The dosing pumps are controlled according to volume.

sera ProDos GmbH

The independent, privately owned company Seybert & Rahier ("sera") has been developing customized product and system solutions in the field of dosing and compressor technology for a wide range of trades and innovative industries for over 65 years. As a leading manufacturer of dosing pumps, dosing units and diaphragm compressors, sera with their national subsidiaries sera ProDos GmbH and sera ComPress GmbH has more than 30 representative offices worldwide, as well as international subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Objects of sera ProDos GmbH:

- Sales of dosing, handling/conveying and process technology
- Technical support, assembly and commissioning, spare parts
- Service, maintenance and repair service, customer training

Objects of sera ComPress GmbH:

- Sales of compressors, gas and fluid technology
- Technical support, assembly and commissioning, spare parts
- Service, maintenance and repair service, customer training

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