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DESTINATION: "FUTURE IN TEST ", Booth 205 at the IPC Printed Circuits Expo, Apex and the Designers Summit, Las Vegas, Nevada April 1 thru April 3

(PresseBox) (Salem, N.H., ) Seica Inc. is pleased to announce that the future in flying Probe Test has arrived, and will be on display at Booth 205 in the form of the newly released, Pilot V8.

This is the latest addition to its complete line of Flying Probe Test systems and represents a radical departure from traditional flying prober designs. So much so, that it was awarded to be included in the Innovative Technology Center (ITC) at the 2008 IPC Printed Circuits Expo, Apex and the Designers Summit. The Pilot V8 represents an important technological innovation in "double-side" flying probe test: its unique, vertical architecture enables high speed, high precision probing on both sides of the UUT simultaneously, offering the maximum in test coverage and flexibility in a compact, extremely ergonomic package. Equipped with eight (8) electrical flying test probes (four on each side), two (2) Openfix capacitive and two (2) power flying probes, plus two (2) CCD cameras (1 on each side, respectively). The Pilot V8 has 14 mobile resources fully available to test the UUT, with a full range of in-circuit and functional test capabilities. In addition, like the other Seica flying probe solutions, the Pilot V8 can also implement a series of "net-oriented" measurement techniques, based on measurements executed on the board signal nets. These new test methods significantly cut the time required for in-circuit test by considerably lowering the number of measurements required, maintaining the same level of fault coverage and valuable diagnostic information. The mobile power probes are another important innovation, which enable the power up of the UUT without requiring any additional fixed cables for easy implementation of functional test. Seica s Pilot V8 can also execute parallel tests on two UUTs at the same time, effectively doubling test capacity with respect to a 4-probe system.

The PILOT V8, like all Seica products, is based on the Seica VIP(TM) platform with its innovative coverage, guiding the user through a series of automated operations in an intuitive, self-explanatory environment, drastically reducing programming time and practically eliminating the possibility for error and omissions.

Not only test....

Another innovative solution on display at Apex, the Firefly concentrates all the power and precision of laser technology into the automated selective soldering process of electronic boards and assemblies. Firefly integrates Seica s easy to use VIP(TM) software, which includes a completely new automatic program development environment that drastically reduces the time needed to setup soldering programs.

Equipped with a SMEMA compatible board conveyor system and fiducial recognition, Firefly is easily integrated into a fully automated production line. Sophisticated algorithms and fast loop control enable automatic management of printed circuit board characteristics and environmental factors, resulting in a high level of soldering quality and repeatability. Thermal control, so essential to the soldering process, is guaranteed by an integrated temperature control system that provides continuous feedback during the soldering process and displays thermal profiles clearly in real time, then stores the profiles and images of each soldered point, ensuring complete traceability of the soldering process.