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Why coop-domains?

Differentiate your cooperative

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) Co-operatives around the world can benefit from using a coop-domain name. Whether you have a web site or not or whether your cooperative is large or small, .coop provides many benefits to co-operatives. These are some of the reasons that organizations have bought coop-domains.

* Reclaim Your Names
Register for all the domain names your co-op needs for a strong online presence but which weren't available under other TLDs. Because the coop-domain is available for use by only cooperatives, it gives your co-op a better chance of registering all the memorable, meaningful names you wanted.
* Improve your ranking at Google and other search engines
It is a good idea to register your cooperative's name, but it is still a better idea to register generic terms. Many people are searching in the Internet rather for a generic term than for your company's name. Seach engines like Google rank your listing higher if a keyword from a search is in your domain name. You can get these names with a coop-domain, when they are not available in .com. Listen to what the Internet "gurus" have to say about what names to buy: "As we've frequently reported in our SE Book & Newsletter, placing keywords right in your domain name can give your site a major boost on search engines. We've also reported that some engines are no longer accepting sub-directory pages. This is one of the reasons the smart marketing pros have been buying keyword-phrase domain names. They use them as doorway pages to boost traffic to their sites." says Stephen Mahaney, author of The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars. Michael Campbell points out, in Nothing But 'Net, "The reason we want keywords in the domain name is that search engines often get 'tuned' to find, and give better positioning to, domains with keywords in them." Declan Dunn, author of Winning the Affiliate Game, sent out a memo to his affiliates advising "To get on top of the search engines, one of the critical keys is a good domain name LOADED with keywords." Declan goes on to say "This news is spreading among WebMasters, SearchEngine Meisters, Internet marketers, and big corporations. Don't wait."
* Differentiate Your Cooperative
New top-level domains reserved for specific types of businesses are fast becoming the best way for businesses to stand out on the Internet amid a sea of .coms. Co-ops are using coop-domains to set their cooperative apart -- and above -- other web sites.
* Add Value to Your Web Site
Specialized domain names also enhance the value of your web names by instantly telling users - in just four letters - that your business is a cooperative, owned and governed by its members. Other specialized domain names, like .gov and .edu, provide legitimacy and credibility to the information on the web site, since users know that strict criteria are applied to anyone using these restricted domain names in their web addresses. Use the coop-domain to give peace of mind to users on your site.
* Gain a Competitive Edge
Help consumers find the businesses they trust online. Extensive market research shows that consumers trust and prefer to do business with cooperatives. Use the coop-domain to help consumers and members find your cooperative online. Tell them you're not just another .com and gain a competitive edge over investor-owned companies!
* Enhance Your Internet Exposure
Register for memorable product and services-based coop-domains that will produce more hits when people search for your cooperative on the web. Under .com, there are no English words still available for registration. Under .coop, the sky is still the limit. So be creative and register names that reflect your cooperative's image.
* Increase Traffic to Your Site
Register multiple coop-domains and use them all to point to your web site. Using many names under different domains to point to the same site is a time-tested way to help consumers get to your site, even if they can't remember your exact address. The coop-domain gives cooperatives an exclusive domain name that will help consumers find them on the web.
* Serve Your Members
Use .coop for your members-only web site and remind your members about the value of cooperation. Members can look here for co-op news, governance services, discussion groups and other important information and member services.

Hans-Peter Oswald

Secura GmbH

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