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Top Reasons to get Storage-Domains

(PresseBox) (Koeln, ) The Storage-Domain is re-launched at 7th November 2017. This is a new chance for many members of the storage industry.

There are no longer Premium Domains for .storage. All Storage-Domains are equal,
no Storage-Domains are more equal. Every Storage-Domain costs 950 US-Dollar.

The Storage-Domain is the trusted namespace for the entire storage industry. The Storage-Domains are the online real estate supporting an $80 billion/year industry. The Storage-Domain can be used for self storage, logistics, data storage, file sharing, or any other purpose. Any business or individual can use Storage-Domains.No verification is required.

Premium Storage-domains have proven SEO benefits.

- Get found online with
YourCity.Storage, YourNeighborhood.Storage, & YourIndustry.Storage
- Up to 50%b improvements in search engine rankings, 30% increases in referral traffic, & 20% ncreases in social media traffic
-Read the case study:

Upgrade your domains to industry-specific URLs like .storage.

- Upgrade long domains like to Smith.Storage
- Create microsites like Reserve.Storage •
- Use vanity email addresses like John@S.Storage

Get any .Storage domain for 1 standard fee.

- Save thousands by registering new .Storage names instead of old domains in the aftermarket
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- Secure keyword domains like LongTerm.Storage to become an industry authority

Special offer: Free .Storage white-glove website migration
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- Traffic & emails to old domain will automatically redirect to the .Storage address

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