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Roll out plan for me-domains

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) ME Registry officials today announced the roll-out plan for me-domains, the new domain name extension. Me-domains are expected to be utilized as both a personalized Web address and as a catchy business marketing tool around the world. The registry will begin accepting me-domains applications in May, for the start of what is known as the General Sunrise Period, a time when only trademark owners can apply. As was the case with asia-domains, multiple parties will be allowed to submit applications for the same domain name. Domain names that receive more than one application will go to an auction process.

“We believe me-domains has incredible potential for Internet users worldwide,” said Predag Lesic, the registry’s executive director. “Think about it, with a me-domains domain, the Internet will, quite simply, be all about you. For the first time in Internet history, domain names are essentially personal.”

Me-domains domains, with their universal appeal, are expected to be in high demand. So some “premium” names – including verb-oriented domains, such as “,” “” or “,” – will be held back for auction after Open Registration.

The me-domains Landrush is targeted to begin in early June, with Open Registration commencing on a first-come, first-served basis in mid-July. Two-year minimums are required on all me-domains domain names registered during the Landrush and initial Open Registration periods.

The complete me-domains roll-out schedule is as follows:

* May 6 to May 20: General Sunrise Period. During this time, anyone with a trademark is eligible to apply for me-domains.

* May 20 to June 6: Quiet Period. The registry will be closed to registrars. Sunrise auctions will begin for names that received multiple applications. Me-domains that receive only one application will be awarded.

* June 6 to June 26: Landrush. This is the first opportunity for the public at large to apply. Anyone who doesn’t have a trademark, but is interested in a specific me-domain, can apply during this period. This is also when Sunrise challenges begin.

* June 26 to July 17: Quiet Period. During this time, the registry is closed to registrars. Names for which there was only one application during the Landrush Period are allocated. Landrush auctions will begin for me-domais that received multiple applications.

* July 17: Open Registration. Me-domains are registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

ICANN accredited Registrar Secura is already accredited for me-domains and accepts free pre-registration of these catchy domains.

Hans-Peter Oswald

Secura GmbH

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