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New Rocks-Domains: Rocks 'n Roll

(PresseBox) (Koeln, ) Rocks-Domain is for everyone who loves something cool and wants to get behind it publicly. Check out any fan page on Facebook and you’ll find thousands of .rocks stars. From fab foodies to weird celebrity crushes, holiday destinations to neighborhood restaurants, if something can be measured on a scale of one to ten, .ROCKS sets it firmly at eleven. When someone says something rocks, they’re not whispering in the dark. Rocks and the new .Rocks-Domain is all about standing up in public and showing your support by proclaiming it rocks!

The .Rocks-Domain is the perfect pitch for a public high-five by fans of anyone who’s really good at something – or wants to be. It could be that indie band you just discovered and want to share with everyone, or a cult movie that’s cool. It could be your local club or even school. It may be your friends, your work or softball team. The rocks-domain is the perfect platform to share your support and admiration to be biggest possible audience. If you feel the need to publicly pass on kudos, credit and crucial esteem, .rocks is it. If you have to explain why your domain is .rocks, you’re talking to the wrong people.

Although, obviously an English expression, Rocks! is an international standard in supercool. Fans around the world who may have only ever of heard of Bill and Ted or Wayne’s World, know exactly what Rocks means. Rocks can refer to a passion for fashion, obsession over sports, love of music, or a thousand other all-consuming past times. Anywhere there’s even a dash of reckless enthusiasm, let us all rock.

Reasons for moving to a Rocks-Domain domain
• Be instantly seen as a fan
• Get an upbeat, instantly-memorable address attracting like-minded fans
• Create a pop culture brand
• Be the go-to web-address for fans of anyone or anything
• Rocks-Domain is about celebration and victory
• Rocks-Domain means adoration and adulation
• Rocks-Domain is the opposite of .sucks – it is 100% positive and upbeat
• Rocks-Domain works for anything past, present, permanent or fleeting
• Rocks-Domain immortalizes a person, place or thing – a hub for community

Marc Mueller

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