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In aviation? Shout it out with aero-domains

(PresseBox) (Koeln, ) Now aviation has its own alternative to traditional domain names: .aero

For the many established aviation companies who lost out in the .com boom, there is now a second chance to reclaim their aviation identity.

The aero-domain is much more than a domain name - it's an Internet territory staked out by aviation for aviation. It will help enhance your identity, in today's crowded online environment, as a key player in the global aviation community.

Stake your claim: register your company name, brand names, products, and trademarks as aero-domains today to reserve your piece of this territory.

Since websites and email services using the .aero domain work with other domain names, many companies have chosen to register their .aero domain name and redirect it to their existing web address, thereby leveraging their current presence AND "reserving" their space in aviation's internet territory.

If your focus is aviation, then shout it out with an aero-domain! Aero-Domains are open for registration by qualified individuals, companies, organizations, and associations affiliated with the aviation community as a whole.

Registration in .aero is not available to everyone. Unlike generic TLDs, the aero-domain applies a process which ensures that each registrant is a valid aviation community member -- a process that safeguards .aero's exclusivity and integrity and communicates a unique identity for you..

Establish your unique identity in aviation within todays crowded online environment and enhance your e-commerce strategy by registering in .aero today.

Increase also your visibility with a single listing in the .aero online directory, a comprehensive online guide to all .aero domain registrants. Valuable and easy to use this resource will help companies and organizations to locate precise and detailed information about aviation services and products within a directory covering 100 subdivisions of 19 categories, each specific to aviation. Listing in the directory is only available to companies having registered aero-domains.

Hans-Peter Oswald