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European Companies can register

(PresseBox) (Koeln, ) As of December 6, 2011, the rules for registering French domains will change. The owner of a domain must not be based anymore in France. All European companies and organizations can register French domains. This change affects not only fr-domains, but all domains, which AFNIC manages:

#. Re (Reunion)
#. Wf (Wallis and Futuna)
# Yt. (Mayotte)
#. Pm (Saint Pierre et Miquelon)
#. Tf (Terre et Australes Antarctique)

Prospects for fr-domains outside of Europe can also register at us fr-domains. For such clients, AFNIC-Member Secura does still offer a trustee service. The fr-domains with trustee cost much more than fr-domains for Europeans. Domain names at the official subdomains, and also at and will from December 6 no longer be registered. The owner of such domain names can prolong their domains.

What opportunities are opening up for you?

You can now pre-register at AFNIC registrar Secura fr-domains,which you could not register before.

You can also register at AFNIC registrar Secura re-domains domains-wf, yt-domains, pm-domains and tf-domains.

You can still before December register a domain at and Secura GmbH will act as a trustee. After the December 6 this will no longer be possible.

Fr-Domains are important to rank well at French search engines. Such search engines accept only fr-domains. Google has for every great country a special national version. You can rank well at Google and national French search engines by using "keywords" and the french domains at .fr ( or and till 6th December).

Search engines like Google rank your listing higher at the search results if a keyword from a search is in your domain name.

Listen to what the Internet "gurus" have to say about what names to buy:

"As we've frequently reported in our SE Book & Newsletter, placing keywords right in your domain name can give your site a major boost on search engines. We've also reported that some engines are no longer accepting sub-directory pages. This is one of the reasons the smart marketing pros have been buying keyword-phrase domain names. They use them as doorway pages to boost traffic to their sites," says Stephen Mahaney, author of The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars.

Michael Campbell points out, in Nothing But 'Net, "The reason we want keywords in the domain name is that search engines often get 'tuned' to find, and give better positioning to, domains with keywords in them."

Declan Dunn, author of Winning the Affiliate Game, sent out a memo to his affiliates advising "To get on top of the search engines, one of the critical keys is a good domain name LOADED with keywords." Declan goes on to say "This news is spreading among WebMasters, SearchEngine Meisters, Internet marketers, and big corporations. Don't wait."

Hans-Peter Oswald