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Consulting-Domains: A new Vision of Consulting

Who takes a Consulting-Domain, is well consulted

(PresseBox) (Koeln, ) “Over the next several years, the best advice for some workers may be to choose an industry that sells advice: consulting.”
John Mullins, Economist, US Bureau of Labor Statistics

The sunrise period of the Consulting-Domains has started at 16th April 2014. Only trade mark owners can register at the sunrise period. 60 days later the landrush period will start. Anybody can register consulting-domains.

Consulting is business. And business is booming. The importance – and employability – of consultants has increased over the last few decades, and now, with international recovery, big and small businesses are relying on the expertise of consultants like never before. Rightside believes creating a unique space online for consultants to meet, promote their expertise and do business is the next step for both large corporations and small consulting companies to thrive in this new connected world.

Introducing Consulting-Domains Consulting is a one-size-fits-all term for a variety of, generally, businessrelated advice-giving. Most people are aware of the more public specializations like management consulting, but there are many other types of consulting, including marketing, technology, human resources and more. Consulting businesses can thrive with any number of employees between one and 100,000. That’s no wild boast. A number of the top firms employ well over a hundred thousand consultants. Many others have tens of thousands on their books. Consulting is a versatile business. They work at all levels of virtually all businesses, some incredibly specialized whilst others offer broader management expertise.

Dominant consulting areas include:
• Management
• Financial Services
• Human Resources
• Information Technology
• Litigation/Economics
• National Security
• Sales and Marketing

Many firms specialize in one particular area of a single industry, whilst others offer a broad range of expertise. Unlike other professions, there are no specific entry requirements to consulting. Anybody can call himself or herself a consultant, regardless of education or experience.

Across virtually every area of every industry there are consultants. The growing number of smaller consultancy businesses, in particular, requires a presence online to promote their services. Consultancy businesses are built largely on referral – literally only as good as their last gig – so a professional brand presence online is essential.

Good news for the entire industry is job growth is forecast to continue as businesses seek planning and logistic advice, guidance on how to bring new technologies on board, and how to comply with regulations on safety in the workplace and the environment. Continued globalization and increased security are also expected to build opportunities.

Reasons for moving to a Consulting-Domains domain The new Consulting-Domains domain is the perfect space online for consultants to promote their expertise and services. Networking, self-promotion and branding are important aspects of the industry. A Consulting-Domains web domain offers these professionals the opportunity to brand themselves and stand out from the competition. A Consulting-Domains domain brings consultants together like never before, as a community of like-minded individuals and organizations, spanning every industry and country. With Consulting-Domains, you truly are part of the solution – either globally or locally.

A Consulting-Domain:
• Instantly identifies you as an expert
• Enhances your brand online
• Increases your visibility to prospects and your peers

Hans-Peter Oswald

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