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Aero-Domains for aviation sports

Aero-domains for enthusiasts of gliding, powered flight, aero modeling, parachuting, ballooning, microlight-flying, hang-gliding and paragliding

(PresseBox) (Cologne, ) There are already many aero-domains registered within the recreational aviation registrant groups comprising air sports clubs and their members, federations, national associations, organizers of competitions linked to air sports, and suppliers of air sports equipment.

"We hope that the new policy introduced for this group, as well as the new simplified process of registration, will attract and encourage more users of this group. The aero-domain has already attracted a number of users from this segment of the community, and we hope to see many more join" " says Elena Vladkova, .aero Customer Liaison Specialist.

It is now not only possible for aero aviation clubs to register aero-domains, but also for every single member. An URL with aviation content or member card of an aviation club is sufficient, to get the ID and Password by SITA ,which entitles to register aero-domains.

One registrant organization the Deutscher Aero Club ( represents the interests of approximately 100,000 air-sportswomen and air sportsmen in Germany. It has active members in seven air-sports, including gliding, powered flight, aero modeling, parachuting, ballooning, microlight-flying, hang-gliding and paragliding. Within the different disciplines, the DAeC organizes national and international championships, administers sport-licenses and documents records.

On the other side of the world, Sky Sports (NZ) ( operates the oldest operational skydiving drop zone in New Zealand. The company's website tells readers that "We started jumping out of planes in 1968 and haven't stopped having fun since! Our students have gone on to become world champions".

Back in Europe, the School of Parachuting of Château d'Oex (EPCO) ( the first school in Switzerland to offer jumps from an altitude of 4,000m, has chosen the aero-domain as the basis for their extensive web communication programme.

Hans Peter Oswald

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