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SECUDE Launches the First World´s First Hybrid Hardware- or Software-Based Full Disk Encryption Solution - FinallySecure 9.0 Enterprise

(PresseBox) (Lucerne, ) FinallySecure 9.0 Enterprise is the world´s first hybrid technology for Full Disk Encryption (FDE). FinallySecure enables early adoption and migration to the upcoming wave of hardware-based FDE technology such as Seagate Momentus FDE.2 disk drives.

Hardware juggernauts such as Seagate, Intel, and Hitachi have already announced their continued push into the hardware encryption and security market, but adoption has been slow. Although many Enterprises struggle with the performance impact of software-based encryption solutions, migrating to a new technology with a separate management interface has proven a hurdle few are willing to jump. In addition, the cost of rolling out new hard drives (or laptops) to an entire Enterprise is prohibitive.

"We don´t see the hardware vendors as competition," notes Tristan Kromer, Vice President of Data Protection, "and we work closely with them to address the booming Data Protection market. As a Swiss company, we adopt a technology neutral stance. Today´s businesses demand an adaptive technology that grows with the company and will not pin them to one piece of hardware. Offering both software- and hardware-based FDE will speed up the adoption rates of hardware encryption by Enterprises and PC OEMs and enable further growth in the hardware-encryption market."

To address market demands, SECUDE developed FinallySecure 9.0 Enterprise based on SECUDE secure notebook 8.0 and the hardware-FDE interface of FinallySecure 1.0 Home. By combining both technologies under the same user interface & management capabilities and enabling encryption with either a software driver or hardware technology, Enterprises have a freedom of choice not available in other products. That choice allows enterprises to roll out Full Disk Encryption across the entire enterprise without the additional costs of replacing any hardware. Users can then migrate to hardware-based FDE as part of the natural hardware lifecycle.

Additional benefits of FinallySecure 9.0 Enterprise include:

- Best in class protection with advanced key management;
- Choice of software encryption algorithms or hardware-based algorithms;
- Choice of authentication techniques with username / password or multifactor smart cards;

Legislative Compliance
- Eliminating data breaches can save millions of dollars in stock prices stemming from bad publicity and the loss of customer data;

- Invisible interface at the end user level;
- No loss of CPU power from hardware-based encryption;

Centralized management
- Easy to use central management capabilities;
- Instant cryptographic-erase capabilities to eliminate rogue users;
- Robust API for 3rd party central management consoles;

Adaptive Technology
- Software that enables migration to newer technologies

FinallySecure fulfills a critical business need by allowing customer migration from software- to hardware-based FDE, all with central management and at no additional charge. Companies can protect their legacy systems with the same robust interface and functionality as their newer hardware-FDE systems. An upgrade to FinallySecure 9.0 Enterprise is available for SECUDE secure notebook users.

FinallySecure allows businesses to survive, adapt, and grow in a heterogeneous IT eco-system.


SECUDE International AG provides End-to-End Data Protection with hardware- or software-based encryption solutions, delivering a higher level of IT Security to organizations around the world. SECUDE is part of iT_SEC SWiSS AG and was founded in 1996 from a partnership between SAP AG and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. Headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, we have a world-wide customer base and offices in the USA, Germany, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, & China.

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