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SECUDE Global Consulting and Virtual Forge Form a Strategic Partnership for SAP Security

SECUDE Global Consulting and Virtual Forge create new possibilities for SAP customers by providing a multilayered approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in support of SAP solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

(PresseBox) (Walldorf, ) SECUDE Global Consulting announces it has become a partner of Virtual Forge in support of SAP® solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). While cooperating in customer projects, both companies realized the significant added value their combined expertise provides for customers.

SECUDE Global Consulting provides organizations with holistic Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) consulting services. The international consultancy helps customers achieve compliance and a higher level of security for their business processes, SAP applications, and IT systems. Their method is a unique, holistic ERM approach to find the right security control options for industry-specific requirements. Virtual Forge analyzes the security of SAP-based applications at the source code level. In this process, insecure coding can be replaced by secure code. Code Level analysis is often a necessary security step to achieve security and compliance in certain areas of security standards.

Both companies have identified a number of scenarios that open up completely new possibilities for our customers. The common denominator here is always the systematic identification of company risks, which need to be approach from different levels. Our customers now benefit from the fact that we can carry out complementary checks. While Virtual Forge tests the applications, SECUDE Global Consulting focuses on holistic Enterprise Risk Management, where code level analyses are a very important layer.

"The consistent quality of our consulting services is the key to our customers' success in all Enterprise Risk Management Areas, be it high or low level" said Mario Linkies, CEO of SECUDE Global Consulting. "We help large organizations to eliminate and manage their enterprise risks. With Virtual Forge we have now added a high specialized and unique partner who truly enables us providing a multilayered approach to ERM. As a special expertise partner of SAP, we have demonstrated our expertise with SAP solutions and offer our customers with a benchmark for selecting reliable and highly qualified consulting services."


SECUDE Global Consulting offers worldwide enterprise risk management consulting services. Founded in 2006 in Lucerne, Switzerland, SGC addresses the growing need for a holistic approach for providing security solutions including technical, operational, and legal requirements. In combination superior methodology, experience, know-how and strategic Vision SGC Their task is not only customers identify solutions for today, but companies strategically them so that future risks captured and security can be built.

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