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Seceidos presents the new exclaimer mail utilities 2007 mail signature solution

With the brand-new "exclaimer mail utilities 2007", Exclaimer presents a central signature solution for Microsoft Exchange 2007

(PresseBox) (München, ) Even the predecessor version for Exchange 2000 and 2003 proved itself on the market. "Exclaimer mail utilities have been available to our customers for some time now as a reliable and highly efficient solution of all signature and disclaimer tasks", according to Jan-Peter Koopmann, CTO und Managing Director of Seceidos.

exclaimer mail utilities are centrally available on one or a number of Exchange Servers. "Since the signatures are prepared on the Exchange Server, the solution has nothing at all to do with the programme used", continued Jan-Peter Koopmann. "That is why you can use exclaimer mail utilities not only with Outlook but also with Outlook Web Access, Blackberry or other synchronization solutions such as iAnywhere OneBridge. Only through the use of Exclaimer can the mobile terminals normally generate law-conforming e-mails. The signatures prescribed in Germany are so long that they cannot even be saved in a normal mobile terminal".

With auto-responders, anti-virus and anti-Spam options, exclaimer mail utilities provide far more than just a solution for establishing your corporate identity. They also integrate themselves seamlessly into the Exclaimer range of products such as "mail archiver" and "store compressor".

About Exclaimer

Exclaimer was founded in 2001 with the goal of developing a software solution to add disclaimers to outgoing emails. This basic requirement indicated what was about to occur globally, as compliance and regulatory issues became far more prevalent, especially in the financial, healthcare and government sectors. With the advent of legislation such as HIPAA and other governmental directives requiring specific information to be included in business emails, the demand for a simple software solution that can manipulate emails enterprise-wide, at the server level, has grown substantially.

Exclaimer’s software tools enable disclaiming, branding, signature, archiving, anti-spam, and regulatory compliance for corporate email. The latest solution offered by the company is the Exclaimer Store Compressor, a retention policy system that enables management of the size of the Microsoft Exchange mail store. Exclaimer’s products can be used to ensure compliance to both internal requirements and external regulations. Easily installed on Microsoft Exchange Server, IT administrators can assign enterprise-wide policies as email enters and/or leaves the organization, adding a range of unique functionality not offered by Exchange. Installation at the server level means that attributes added to an email appear uniformly whether an email is sent from a mobile device, the desktop or webmail.

Via its own web site, Exclaimer is working to provide timely and accurate information to the global enterprise marketplace about new and emerging government directives relating to email disclaimers and the specific requirements for each country, in the country’s native language. Each national set of directives has distinct requirements, enforcements and penalties, based on the geographic location of the user. Exclaimer is demystifying these regulations for all businesses, large and small.

Exclaimer’s growing repository of email-related regulatory information will be a comprehensive, centralized directory for such information on the Web.

Exclaimer offers solutions for businesses of all sizes and is applicable to companies using Small Business Server as well as those using Standard and Enterprise servers.

Exclaimer continues to develop utilities as the messaging and compliance landscapes evolve. Its latest offering, Exclaimer Store Compressor is a tool that minimizes the size of the Exchange mail store, allowing companies to maximize storage space and practically eliminate mailbox size limits.

Today, Exclaimer is a global provider of mail utilities and software add-on products for Microsoft Exchange, with more than 21 million users worldwide. Exclaimer’s customer base consists of companies of all sizes, from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.