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A perfectly integrated system

Schüco presents a complete photovoltaic system

(PresseBox) (Bielefeld, ) At Intersolar 2007, Schüco International KG presented all the components required for the photovoltaic (PV) system from a single source, from the PV module and the mounting frame to the inverter and data logger. Apart from the benefit of only one contact, the complete system also offers the advantage that all components are reliably integrated. A perfectly integrated system for optimum results.

PV modules
All photovoltaic modules (monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thinfilm) have only positive output tolerance, i.e. the rated output is always achieved or even exceeded. The polycrystalline PV modules in the SP-3 series represent quality and durability. The individual highperformance cells are soldered using leadfree solder and therefore have a particularly narrow front grid pattern that is only available from renowned manufacturers. The SP-3 series is available in three performance categories (125, 170 and 175 W) and achieves an efficiency of 12.3 to 12.7 %. The Schüco SPV-SM module series also offers a monocrystalline standard module which has a structurally optimised frame fabricated exclusively by Schüco. This meets all structural requirements and also prevents any frost damage in winter. Performance classes from 160 to 180 W achieve an efficiency of up to 14.1 %. Another new addition to the range is the CIS thin-film module series SPV TF with performance categories 70, 75 and 80 W, which takes its name from the main components of the active surface, copper, indium and selenium. With an efficiency of up to 10.1 % and an attractive appearance, the CIS module is a viable alternative to conventional modules based on crystalline silicon. Due to the CIS technology, the Schüco TF module does not suffer from disproportionate initial degradation and thus guarantees consistently high yields.

Mounting frames
The “PV Light” installation system attracted a lot of attention within the industry when it was first launched. For the system that was presented in Freiburg in June 2007, all mounting rails and accessories were completely redeveloped and the structural properties improved. The innovative installation system from Schüco now includes retaining clips with the new Schüco OneTurn technology for easier and faster installation. The Schüco OneTurn connector and one tool are all that is required on the roof. This sets a new standard in installation.

The first inverter manufactured by Schüco completes the range. The SGI (Solar Grind Inverter) starts with seven devices without transformers with a rated output of up to 5500 watts and includes new features that facilitate installation and operation. The corresponding Sunalyzer 10 logs the parameters of up to 20 inverters and signals important incidents via a visual or acoustic alarm or via SMS.