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Photovoltaic roofs offer both protection and profits

Photovoltaic systems from SCHOTT Solar are attractive and eliminate the need for roofing tile

(PresseBox) (Freiburg/Alzenau, Germany, ) As a substitute for tile, SCHOTT Solar integrates photovoltaic modules directly into roofs. The company based in Alzenau will be unveiling its new solar power system InDaX-V-170 at Intersolar. The new system is compact and flexible in reliably covering even roofs with many angles, but also generates revenue. For this reason, the new module is particularly well-suited for use in single family homes and apartment houses.

The new solar modules InDaX-V-170 are smaller and more compact than their successful precursor system InDaX-250. Therefore, they can be integrated more easily into what are oftentimes rather angular roof surfaces of single family dwellings. By generating 170 watts of power, they still produce a lot of electricity in transforming a protective roof into a truly profitable proposition. As with the larger InDaX 250 module (dimensions: 100 x 200 centimeters), SCHOTT Solar designed the InDaX-V-170 (85 x 170 centimeters) especially for direct integration into sloped roofs. The proven InDaX design principle with the modules arranged in a shingled array was retained and improved, with respect to certain details.

The modules fulfill a dual function. On the one hand, they generate electricity without making any noise, releasing emissions or leaving behind any residue. On the other, they offer a reliable substitute for conventional roofing tiles. The solar modules made of special hardened glass are mounted firmly onto the roof batten, using the basic frame, to provide a long-lasting roof that is rear ventilated. Furthermore, these products have been extensively tested to ensure that they withstand the weight of snow and offer reliable protection against wind and rain. The cables and electrical equipment disappear elegantly behind the modules that give them protection.
An InDaX system is especially well-suited for new buildings or roof renovation, because this saves costly labor by not having to tile the roof first, only to mount solar units on top of it later. The revenue that is generated by feeding solar electricity into the grid can also help pay for the costs of the new construction work or renovation measures. For esthetic reasons, many customers also select the InDaX system in anthracite blue.

“With the InDaX-V-170, we offer the smaller roofs that many single family houses have an extremely homogeneous appearance. We expect the demand to be quite high when we introduce this concept through specialized dealers,” explains Roland Neuner, head of sales for PV building solutions at SCHOTT Solar GmbH. In addition to the flexible use in terms of design, the new InDaX units offer an advantage in that roofers and solar and electrical companies will have a much easier time installing the 85 x 170 centimeter modules, thanks to their light weight (25 kilograms including the roofing frame).