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Upholstered furniture as a beneficial source of energy

Art Novel and Schoeller Technologies present the new energear™ textile technology on upholstery fabrics

(PresseBox) (Sevelen, ) Proposte 2014: Art Novel and Schoeller Technologies are presenting the new energear™ textile technology on fabrics for upholstered furniture. The energear™ finish ensures that any energy released by the body is returned to it. This additional energy can have a positive effect on the body and its energy balance.

Inspired by far eastern medicine

The knowledge of Far Infrared Rays and their positive properties has its origins in Asian curative medicine, which has focused for centuries on vital energy, known in Chinese as "Qi". More and more people are discovering that their performance potential is more intensive when balance and flow of energy are in harmony. Schoeller Technologies has transferred this function to textiles and Art Novel is now using the textile finish in the area of upholstery fabrics.

Upholstery fabrics with energear™ technology

Humans constantly release energy into their environment in the form of Far Infrared Rays. energear™ has the ability to reflect these Far Infrared Rays and thus the radiated energy is returned to the body. The technology consists of a titanium-mineral mix which is applied to the fabric. energear™ is suitable for use with every type of furniture covering made of fabric, leather, imitation leather or flock. As a 100% add-on article, energear™ is applied only to the surfaces which can actually reflect the rays. The seat and back receive an additional layer of fabric, finished with energear™. "Furniture is not intended only for relaxation; rather in the future will also serve as an active source of energy. The fact that in the future every item of upholstered furniture can be available with energear™, regardless of the upholstering material, is just perfect," says Stephan Eckerlein from Art Novel.

Positive effect on the energy balance

Art Novel furniture fabrics with energear™ technology can have a positive effect on humans' energy balance. This can increase general wellbeing and balance, improve sleep, contribute to fast revitalization and prevent premature fatigue. energear™ can also positively impact concentration and performance capacity. "Positive results have been achieved in studies conducted by the Hohenstein Institute. Our customers are already applying the technology successfully in other segments, for example in the area of sportswear or therapeutic aids," comments Hans U. Kohn, COO Schoeller Technologies.

Art Novel and Schoeller Technologies are presenting the energear™ technology on furniture fabrics for the first time from 7 to 9 May, 2014 at Proposte.

Further information at Proposte 2014 at Art Novel in Caffe Posta, Piazza Mazzini n.4 in Cernobbio and under

Art Novel

Since its establishment in 1994, the company Art Novel Textil GmbH has been selling furniture upholstery fabrics in Europe. Among its customers are almost all the well-known global players as well as small individual producers of upholstered furniture, beds and reclining chairs. Art Novel is also a reliable partner for the wholesale trade. Together with the partners Oaktrees in England, Aadvantage in the US and Greatex Mills in Canada, fabrics are developed, produced, bought and sold around the world.

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