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Flexible use of flow sensors

Sensor ball valves are preliminary prepared measuring points

(PresseBox) (St. Georgen, ) Sensor ball valves manufactured by SCHMIDT Technology allow the easy, inexpensive and flexible installation of flow sensors in tubes - without releasing the pressure.

Measurement of the consumption, search for leaks or a comprehensive energy management are only some examples of the multiple reasons in the compressed air technology for the installation of flow sensors in pipe networks which, depending on their complexity, provide a variety of measuring points. The control and regulation of process gases in industrial process are comparably complex. The measuring points for the flow measurement must be defined already in the planning phase of pipe networks. However, system components or requirements may change. The installation of measuring points at a later stage is time-consuming particularly because, in most cases, complete systems or system components must be switched off or depressurized. As a matter of fact, there are, in this type of systems, measuring points which are permanently equipped with flow sensors but there also new measuring points and measuring points which will only be fitted with a sensor in case of need.

SCHMIDT® sensor ball valves are the ideal solution for the easy installation and de-installation of immersion sensors into and from pipe systems without interrupting substantially the operation of the system. They look like common ball valves. But they have an additional opening for the installation of the immersion sensors, such as the SCHMIDT® flow sensors SS20.261 or SS20.260. The SCHMIDT® sensor ball valves offer the possibility to plan measuring points without fitting them immediately with sensors. If not fitted with a sensor, the opening is sealed with a tight sealing cap. To introduce the sensor, the sensor ball valve must only be closed and then opened again. These measuring points are the ideal solution to equip compressed air or process systems with measuring sensors in case of need. According to the requirements, the number of permanently installed measuring sensors can be reduced. Moreover, the sensors can be easily replaced for repair work or for calibration purposes. SCHMIDT® sensor ball valves are suitable for air or non aggressive gases and are available for all common pipe diameters from 1" to 2". For pipe diameters bigger than DN 65, it is recommended to use a SCHMIDT® straight-way ball valve with welded nipple. The SCHMIDT® flow sensor is inserted through the straight-way ball valve.