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CPM - Corporate Performance Management - Analytical Services in a SOA

(PresseBox) (Annecy, ) New version 4.0 of Volume 2 of the series "iBonD - intelligent Business on Demand". This version 4.0 is a comprehensive rework and extension of version 3.0. from August 2005. Processes make up the competitiveness of an enterprise. This emphasizes the need for Business Process Management (BPM), a closed-loop model describing the life cycle of processes, from analysis and design via flow and execution to planning, monitoring and controlling. The task of CPM within BPM is planning, monitoring, and controlling of processes and their performance.

The infrastructure for CPM and BPM is a service-oriented architecture (SOA). BPM and CPM on a SOA enable and empower automated, reliable, audit-proof, and flexible processes across business departments and even across enterprises. SOA based processes are independent of the underlying applications. Hence, business can change processes with the speed of market dynamics and customer needs. Finally, processes must be "intelligent". Through a SOA, analytics can be embedded into processes. Analytics is key for planning, monitoring and controlling processes and their performance. The mission is: to identify problems in the right time to take preventive actions.

S.A.R.L. Martin

Wolfgang Martin Team ist ein europäisches Beratungsunternehmen mit Fokus auf:
- CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
- BPM (Business Integration, Business Process Management, Stammdatenmanagement)
- SOA (service-orientierte Architektur)
- BI/CPM (Business Intelligence/Corporate Performance Management)
Die Dienstleistungen des Wolfgang Martin Teams umfassen:
- Evangelisierung (Konferenzen, Roadshows, Vorträge, Moderation, Seminare, Workshops)
- Publikation (White Paper, Research Notes, Fachartikel)
- Strategische Beratung Spezialgebiet sind die Wechselwirkungen technologischer Innovation auf das Business. S.A.R.L. Martin ist eine französische Gesellschaft mit Sitz in Annecy ( und arbeitet als Partner von iBonD (