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Treatment of Presbyopia - At its Source

Pioneer of femtosecond laser technology defined additional goals

(PresseBox) (Hannover, ) The fear of getting a major eye disease or becoming blind – one of the worst misfortunes imaginable! But even minor eye disorders such as presbyopia can become a handicap and a burden in daily life. ROWIAK Company, managed by Holger Lubatschowski, PhD, has followed this vision since it started as a spinoff business from the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. in 2003.

Together with his team of experts, Holger Lubatschowski began to process biological tissues such as bone, teeth and soft tissues with femtosecond laser technology. By using optical coherence tomography (OCT), the team was able to monitor the procedure “online”, and thereby implementing the “Seeing Scalpel”.

Lubatschowski points out, “As expert in the field of optical physics ROWIAK focuses their look at the treatment of ophthalmic disorders. We want to treat presbyopia at its source - the lens - without opening the globe.”

Today, ROWIAK offers professional solutions to put innovative ideas into practice. Worldwide scientists, physicians, and engineers with pioneering spirit already benefit from the skilled services of ROWIAK in order to develop customized products for individual therapeutic procedures.

ROWIAK now has become an established institution in the field of ophthalmology customized solutions. Their results are feasible and tailored to meet the user’s needs. ROWIAK is an expert for the professional development of ophthalmic laser systems – not only on the basis of femtosecond technology. Moreover ROWIAK helps customers to develop an idea into a CE-certified medical device.

ROWIAK is convinced that ophthalmic laser-based procedures will turn current methods of therapy into more reliable, efficient, long-lasting and affordable medical treatments. Together with partners and customers, ROWIAK wants to actively shape the medical landscape of the future.

ROWIAK is represented at ARVO 2016 Annual Meeting, from May 1st until 4th, in Seattle, the world’s famous fair for ophthalmology, research and imaging in the eye. You will find ROWIAK at booth No. 607.

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Rowiak GmbH

ROWIAK is a German company from Hannover and stands for the development and manufacture of ultra-fast laser systems in the field of ophthalmology. Prof. Holger Lubatschowski founded ROWIAK in 2003 and pioneers with his team of experts composed of engineers, technicians, electronic engineers, physicists, software developers and professionals of regulatory affairs in both own medical products as well as customized solutions, especially in the field of ophthalmology. The results are user-friendly and intuitive in application. ROWIAK has an excellent expertise in the fields of hardware and software development of medical laser products and supports various visionaries from the initial idea to the marketing approval.

In the first beginning ROWIAK GmbH has offered high quality laser instruments for tissue processing and cell manipulation for many years. It provided high quality services in tissue and material sample preparation. On December 1st, 2013, the Business Unit Life Sciences with all its products and services were spun off to form the newly founded LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH.

The basic technologies offered by ROWIAK are ultrashort laser pulses for preparation and processing of biological tissue as well as imaging the target tissue. Ultrashort pulses (sometimes also called ultrafast pulses) are laser pulses with a duration of less than 1 picosecond (1ps = 10-12 s).