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TRAMACO supplies primers in aromatics-free solvents

(PresseBox) (Pinneberg, ) Pinneberg/Germany, May 5th, 2014 – Due to their very good adhesion properties, maleic anhydride-modified chlorinated polyolefins (MSA-CPOs) are widely used as primers/adhesion promoters for coating polyolefinic plastics such as polypropylene (PP) and (elastomer-)modified PP blends. TRAMACO has now launched a new MSA-CPO: TRAPYLEN® 128 EAC 10.

Normally, MSA-CPOs are only readily soluble in aromatic solvents such as toluene or xylene. Other solvents can only be used as co-solvents, at best. Toluene, in particular, is undesirable in some applications because it is strictly controlled by certain regulations, such as the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL) that applies to automobiles.

Water-based products comply with the regulations and, from the technical point of view, can be used in many coating and printing applications. Compared to solvent-based systems, aqueous products inherently dry much more slowly require higher drying temperatures for continuous coating processes, which can only be achieved with existing equipment by means of modifications. Furthermore, water-based products often need a uniform temperature and humidity during processing to achieve reproducible results with respect to the appearance of the coating and its adhesion.

This means there is still a huge demand for solvent-based primers and adhesion promoters. The aromatics-free MSA-CPO variant TRAPYLEN® 112 PP 10 is already in TRAMACO's delivery programme. This product is based on the solvent N-pentyl propionate. With its boiling point of around 165°C and a vapour pressure of approx. 2hPa, N-pentyl propionate has a relatively low volatility.

TRAPYLEN® 128 EAC 10 is now available for formulating aromatics-free, fast-drying systems. Owing to its chlorine content of around 28 % and a molecular weight of around 40,000, this MSA-CPO grade has very good solubility in many solvents and good compatibility with many binders. A standard field of application of MSA-CPOs such as TRAPYLEN® 128 EAC 10 is coating of moulded plastics. The good binder compatibility of TRAPYLEN® 128 EAC 10 also makes it a very interesting product for printing ink applications.

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About Tramaco GmbH:

The Tramaco GmbH was founded in 1973. In the beginning trading with chemical specialities was the main focus. Nowadays Tramaco's main activity is the marketing of its own manufactured products. Thanks to a broad range of high quality basic raw materials from strong suppliers, proprietary specialties from its own production as well as competent technical service Tramaco is a reliable partner for users of chemical foaming agents, adhesion promoters and additves. Since 1979 Tramaco has been a member of the ROWA GROUP.

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