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ROWALID TIM – Effect lacquers for coated fabrics

(PresseBox) (Pinneberg, ) Pinneberg/Germany, April 30th, 2014 – ROWA Lack is a leading manufacturer of special lacquers for the coatings and plastics industries. Its product range includes acrylate, polyurethane and fluoropolymer lacquers, both solvent-based and water-based. These clear lacquer systems are used for high-quality coatings on PVC and PU based materials for truck tarpaulins and synthetic leather. ROWA lacquers are also used to coat membranes and fabrics for architectural textiles, roofs, sunshades as well as for halls and tents. The product portfolio also includes lacquer systems for coating unsupported foils based on PVC and TPO.

With its ROWALID TIM product group, ROWA Lack offers a range of high-quality metal-effect lacquers in addition to its standard portfolio. These generally silver- or gold-coloured effect lacquers are formulated on the basis of specially selected effect pigments, binders and solvents. This ensures that the effect pigments get an optimum orientation during application and subsequent film formation to thus achieve an excellent result with respect to surface finish, covering power, brilliance, hue and gloss. In order to intensify the silver or golden colour effect, a grey, respectively, yellow or orange base material is usually used.

Depending on the customer's requirements, ROWALID TIM effect lacquering systems can be optimised with respect to various properties. For example, it is possible to achieve elastic and flexible as well as weather-resistant coatings that nevertheless allow the finished material to be welded during assembly. It is possible to develop new lacquers that do not contain particular solvents, which is required for some applications. It goes without saying that the lacquers of the ROWALID TIM product group have a high soiling resistance to dirt pick-up and excellent cleaning characteristics.

ROWALID TIM 94029 and ROWALID TIM 94183 are two silver, elastic and weather-resistant variants that essentially differ with respect to their solvent composition and solids content. ROWALID TIM 94225 was additionally optimised with respect to weldability of the coated material.


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About the ROWA Lack:
The ROWA Lack GmbH was established in 1958 and is a partner in the ROWA GROUP of companies. The brand ROWA stands for technical competence, modern product design and customer oriented service the world over. Tailored customer solutions are part of the ROWA tradition and are a matter of course! The development of new products, the search for alternative raw materials and the constant and sustained optimisation of our processes, coupled with modern technology, motivated employees and economical environment protection enjoy the highest priority in our company. In 2010 the ROWA GmbH has been renamed into the ROWA GROUP Holding GmbH and the departments Masterbatch and Lack were newly formed as ROWA Masterbatch GmbH und ROWA Lack GmbH specialist division: Special Lacquer Systems and Top Coats.

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