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ROMIRA – a real success story

(PresseBox) (Pinneberg, ) Pinneberg/Germany, August 4th, 2014 – ROMILOY® PC/PBT and ASA/PBT blends have been standard items in the product portfolio of ROMIRA, the competent partner and manufacturer of technical thermoplastics, for many years and have meanwhile established themselves as top sellers.

Their versatile range of applications has made plastics an integral part of our daily life. For example, owing to their positive property profile, flame-retardant materials are finding increasing use in electrical engineering and electronics applications, the transport sector as well as the construction and furniture industries. When selecting materials, manufacturers must always take account of new standards and international regulations. Plastics
manufacturers are faced with major challenges when developing new materials that must comply with demanding application profiles.

Thanks to the continuous further development of its products, ROMIRA now has a wide portfolio so that it can offer tailored solutions to its customers. An advantageous combination of amorphous polycarbonates and semi-crystalline polyesters (mainly polybutylene terephthalate – PBT) provides high heat stability, good resistance to chemicals and, in particular, to fuels (stress cracking), high surface quality, excellent toughness and good flowability.

Further developments have been gradually added that comply with fire protection class V0 to 1.5 mm and are UL listed. The ROMILOY® product line is particularly suitable for use in equipment whose housing, assemblies and technical components are subjected to frequent cleaning cycles, e.g. medical instruments.

Blending of amorphous styrene copolymers (ASA) with semi-crystalline PBT has led to another exceptional material: the ROMILOY 5250 and 5240 product line. This blend is filled with glass fibres and its ideal property profile makes it suitable for automotive and electrical applications. The outstanding properties of this blend include enhanced stiffness, thermal stability and chemical resistance as well as an excellent stress-cracking resistance. In future, ROMIRA will continue to strengthen its market position with a high development rate and a product portfolio of excellent quality.


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About the ROMIRA GmbH:

The ROMIRA GmbH was founded in 1990 and is an affiliated partner within the ROWA GROUP. As part of this strong combine, we set standards for technical plastics with our profound competence and synergetic know-how.

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