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ROMIRA: Modern design for automobile interiors

(PresseBox) (Pinneberg, ) Pinneberg/Germany, March 31st, 2014 – ROMIRA, a competent partner and manufacturer of engineering plastics, is well-known for its efficient, user-specific material solutions in the plastics sector, particularly in the automotive field. ROMIRA developed special blends based on styrene copolymers and polyamide (ASA/PA) for the Ingolstadt (Germany)-based car manufacturer Audi.

ASA/PA blends provide an optimum impact re-sistance/stiffness ratio, good chemical resistance, outstanding UV stability and are inherently permanently antistatic. ROMILOY® ASA/PA applications such as covers, dashboards, pillar claddings, seat belt covers, seat belt guides and child lock components have a long, proven track record. The material must comply with very stringent requirements, particularly for belt guides, which have a very complex geometry and are also important safety features. In addition to increased toughness, it must also have a very good dynamic load capacity. With its ASA/PA blend ROMILOY® 3020/11, which is already being used in series production, ROMIRA has succeeded in developing a material that provides these features and which is also one of the most suitable materials for this application.

A further aspect in the development of new ASA/PA blends by ROMIRA is to guarantee a high dimensional stability in order to expand the application range to parts with a large surface area. The aim is to reduce not only moisture absorption by the polyamide, which thus influences strength and stiffness, but also to counteract the high processing shrinkage such as semi-crystalline blend partner. Fillers such as minerals, glass fibres or glass spheres are used for this; however, they often decrease the impact resistance. ROMILOY® 3020/01-4 M15, an ASA/PA compound newly developed by ROMIRA, has a unique combination of selected fillers. With its optimum impact re-sistance/stiffness ratio, low water absorption and very good processability, ROMILOY® 3020/01-4 M15 is the ideal material for large-area parts for automobile interiors.

Due to their excellent property profiles, ROMILOY® ASA/PA blends from ROMIRA are already being used by other automobile manufacturers.


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About the ROMIRA GmbH:
The ROMIRA GmbH was founded in 1990 and is an affiliated partner within the ROWA GROUP. As part of this strong combine, we set standards for technical plastics with our profound competence and synergetic know-how.

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