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NEW: Permanently antistatic masterbatches from ROWA Masterbatch

(PresseBox) (Pinneberg, ) Pinneberg/Germany, April 10th, 2014 – ROWA Masterbatch and Bayer MaterialScience have been working together for a long time developing special products based on thermoplastic polyurethanes. The latest innovation is the antistatic Masterbatch ROWALID®-ASX.

The problem is well known: plastics are particularly susceptible to becoming electrostatically charged due to the insulating effect of their inherently high surface and volume resistances. Under certain circumstances, this static charging causes a spontaneous and uncontrolled discharge that ignites flammable gases, dusts or liquids. Furthermore, electrostatically charged packaging materials and objects attract more dust. Incorporation of ROWALID®-ASX Masterbatch into plastics such as polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene and TPU makes them permanently antistatic.

The advantage of the new masterbatch compared to all existing products is that the antistatic effect of the plastic end products is permanent and thus lasts longer and is more efficient. Moreover, there are no special boundary conditions, such as a particular atmospheric humidity. The active substances have little intrinsic colour so that colouration of masterbatches is straightforward.

ROWALID®-ASX masterbatches are suitable for a wide range of applications, including the chemical industry, packaging industry, transport engineering, electronics, shoe manufacturing and the automotive industry. Plastic surfaces in a car passenger compartment are particularly prone to electrostatic charging and thus attract dust and dirt. The new ROWALID®-ASX masterbatches prevent this undesirable effect.

ROWA Masterbatch plans to develop further permanently anti-static masterbatches that can be tailored to the respective requirements of the customer.


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About ROWA Masterbatch GmbH:

The ROWA GmbH was established in 1958 and is a partner in the ROWA GROUP of companies. The brand ROWA stands for technical competence, modern product design and customer oriented service the world over. Tailored customer solutions are part of the ROWA tradition and are a matter of course! The development of new products, the search for alternative raw materials and the constant and sustained optimisation of our processes, coupled with modern technology, motivated employees and economical environment protection enjoy the highest priority in our company. In 2010 the ROWA GmbH has been renamed into the ROWA GROUP Holding GmbH and the departments Lack and Masterbatch were newly formed as ROWA Lack GmbH and ROWA Masterbatch GmbH specialist division: Colour and additive masterbatches.

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