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Pinneberg, (PresseBox) - Pinneberg/Germany, April 22nd, 2014 – The Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (German Engineering Federation) estimates that product piracy affects around two thirds of industrial goods manufacturers. Plagiarists copy successful products, thus saving research and development costs. They generally use inferior materials so that the product quality is considerably lower than the original´s. Cheap product forgeries in the electronics or pharmaceutical fields may even be life-threatening. Tailorlux, an innovative full-service specialist in plagiarism protection, is a new cooperation partner of ROWA Masterbatch. Tailorlux manufactures inorganic fluorescent materials, also known as security pigments. Close cooperation and further development has lead to the ROWALID®-IDX product series.

Tailor-Safe®, the certified product protection system from Tailorlux, uses security pigments to mark products so that they can be easily distinguished from forgeries. The pigments are incorporated as crystals in the carrier material of the masterbatch. They have a mineral-like composition, are chemically inert, physically and thermally stable up to around 1,700 °C, biologically neutral and toxicologically inert. They are thus suitable for use in medicinal products, foodstuffs or water. The security pigments can be incorporated into virtually all carrier materials, including plastics, textile fibres, PU foam, paints and lacquers, adhesives, elastomers, rubbers, fillers and chemicals. They are optimised for the respective carrier material and have characteristic line spectra, rather like a spectroscopic fingerprint. Excitation at various discrete wavelengths generates a unique set of line spectra that is unambiguously identifiable. With the Tailor-Safe® system it is possible to create around 300 billion different security pigments with a virtually infinite number of individualised markers. The light engineering properties of the fluorescent materials cannot be reproduced, copied or forged. This makes the product and plagiarism protection system counterfeit-proof.

Products marked with Tailor-Safe® are divided into three security levels: In the first level, the markers are visible to the naked eye and can be detected with a suitable light source, e.g. an LED. In the second level, a hand-held spectrometer is used to identify marked products, even if the fluorescent pigment concentration is less than 0.1%. The instrument not only compares the excitation patterns, line ratios and line positions, it also performs a spectral analysis of the emitted light. The third and highest security level consists of a laboratory analysis that is legally watertight, if so required. The detection limits of the marker materials decrease with increasing security level, which thus increases the reliability of the authentication.

A secure digitisable authentication is possible, even with a very low concentration of security pigments. Thus ROWALID®-IDX is the most cost-effective product and plagiarism protection system for small to large series production and for mass products. The close cooperation is underlined by the specialists of ROWA Masterbatch and Tailorlux who work as a team together with the customer. By using security pigments in the masterbatches from ROWA Masterbatch, customers can be sure that they are obtaining an original product with a high quality.


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About ROWA Masterbatch GmbH:

The ROWA GmbH was established in 1958 and is a partner in the ROWA GROUP of companies. The brand ROWA stands for technical competence, modern product design and customer oriented service the world over. Tailored customer solutions are part of the ROWA tradition and are a matter of course! The development of new products, the search for alternative raw materials and the constant and sustained optimisation of our processes, coupled with modern technology, motivated employees and economical environment protection enjoy the highest priority in our company. In 2010 the ROWA GmbH has been renamed into the ROWA GROUP Holding GmbH and the departments Lack and Masterbatch were newly formed as ROWA Lack GmbH and ROWA Masterbatch GmbH specialist division: Colour and additive masterbatches.

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