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Galact Quest

With warp speed towards Greenlight!

(PresseBox) (Gernsheim, ) There are only a few things more entertaining than a good space opera: courageous heroes, gigantic space ships, exotic worlds belonging to far away galaxies and inhabited by interesting alien species. A space opera, that requires you to use your brain power and the ability to make split-second decisions? All the better! This is why the team of German games publisher rokapublish has decided to bring the action-packed arcade puzzle game Galact Quest to Steam® Greenlight™ and give users the final say in the fate of this particular intergalactic voyage.

The crew of the spaceship Argo has every reason to be worried: Four months ago, one of its members has disappeared without a trace while out on a scientific mission. The vessel's captain, finally tired of waiting around, decides to fire up the ship's engine and, with the help of trusty robot C5-PX, embarks on a turbulent voyage across the galaxy in search of their missing friend. Overcoming the vast distances between the stars consumes however an immense amount of fuel in the form of colorful Aquanium crystals, of which the Argo needs a continuous supply. This is why the feisty space travelers need to make many intermediate stops on different planets to mine for the precious material using all their skills - and lots of unusual weaponry! Help also comes from other extraterrestrial voyagers, who will be more than happy to become part of team Argo.

A total of 10 planets with 10 levels each plus 100 additional bonus levels await the players in Galact Quest , where they can shoot, detonate and laser their way through brightly colored crystal mines in typical bubble-shooter style. Not only a great amount of tactical skills but also a high target accuracy and a fast response time will be absolutely essential for the success of the Argo's ambitious rescue mission.

Basic game features:
- Exciting outer space adventure
- Choose between a male or female protagonist
- 10 different planets to explore
- 100 story levels plus 100 bonus levels
- Entertaining minigames
- Fantastical characters
- Atmospheric music

Everyone, who feels inspired to go on an intergalactic voyage has now the chance to vote for Galact Quest on Greenlight™:

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