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PRG Invests in Riedel Rocknet for Detroit Auto Show

(PresseBox) (Orlando/USA, ) PRG, One of the World's largest corporate events & entertainment technologies provider for audio, video, lighting and scenic services, invested in a comprehensive stock of RockNet digital audio network equipment from Riedel Communications. Riedel, renowned specialist for leading audio, intercom and fiber technology, delivered an extensive set of RockNet input, output and mixing console modules as well as inline repeaters and fiber optic connections. PRG is a high profile corporate events & entertainment technologies provider realizing prestigious projects and presentations such as U2 or Lady Gaga tours as well as the new Lockheed Martin presentation.

"I'm a huge fan of RockNet since I first heard it. The audio quality is just excellent and it's a rocksolid solution with an excellent redundancy concept. Especially at concerts, in theatres and presentations this is a crucial factor for audio distribution. You can't afford any audio dropouts there. Another point that was really important to us is ease, speed and flexibility of setting up a RockNet installation without using a computer. This is really amazingly easy - no IP, no stress," said Mark Boettcher, Project Manager at PRG.

RockNet is a digital audio network that offers up to 160 channels over a single counterrotating CAT-5 ring. Its redundant ring topology forms a selfhealing network that secures the installation against singlepointsoffailure. With up to 24bit/96kHz it offers superior audio quality. Unlike other audio network products, RockNet is not utilizing existing network technologies like TCP/IP for audio purposes, but is a genuine audio network platform, designed specifically for live sound applications. RockNet includes a unique Independent Gain feature, which allows several mixing consoles to operate with the same mic preamps without affecting each other. While a masterconsole is controlling the analog gain of the preamps remotely, all other consoles operate with emulated preamps just as if they were also controlling the actual mic input.

PRG's new RockNet stock includes ten RockNet RN.301.MI microphone/line inputs and ten RN.302.LO line output modules offering a total of 80 inputs and outputs. Six RockNet RN.341.MY expansion cards integrate digital Yamaha mixing consoles into the audio network providing remote gain control for all inputs and outputs of the RockNet system. PRG uses RockNet Inline repeaters to bridge distances greater than 500 feet (150 meter) over copper cabling expanding connection to a total of 1,500 feet (450 meter). To provide connections for even greater distances PRG utilizes RockNet RN.351.FI fiber input and RN.352.FO fiber output modules. They allow longhaul connectivity of up to 12 miles (20 km).

PRG's first operation of the new RockNet system will be the Chrysler booth at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit. To fulfill the complex demands of Chrysler's booth layout, RockNet will route the audio from multiple DVD playbacks, DOREMI HDD Video playbacks, CD playbacks and Wireless microphones from around the show floor back to the control room and from there to multiple sets of individual loudspeakers distributed over the booth. The complex setup contains more than 70 loudspeakers and 48 audio zones. RockNet hardware is distributed to 6 separate locations within the booth each hundreds of feet apart and is controlled via a Wireless Tablet PC for ease of adjustment while walking around the booth. "This is perfect, as our Tablet PC controls all of our Networked devices including the Yamaha consoles fitted with RN.341.MY cards, network controlled CD players, wireless microphones and the RockNet software. RockNet provides us the ability to integrate the control software with all of these other network controlled devices on one wireless PC or MAC," exclaims Boettcher.

"RockNet's flexibility made the product perfect for the job. The ability to route a set of inputs to multiple consoles means no external splitters, Ycords or other cabling. We are able to minimize cabling by thinking thru our routing within the RockNet Network. The product allows us to operate up to 99 modules in one network, providing a total of 768 outputs. And due to the ring network cabling is reduced to a minimum," adds Boettcher.

About Production Resource Group - Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG) is the world's leading supplier of entertainment technology solutions to a wide range of markets, including concerts, corporate and trade shows, theatre, TV and film, special events, and permanent installations, such as theme parks, museums, retail stores, and performing arts centers. PRG provides integrated services and equipment including lighting, audio, video, scenery, and automation systems for these markets from more than 28 offices in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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