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Rheinmetall at Land Forces 2014: A versatile and reliable partner for the Australasian region

(PresseBox) (Düsseldorf, ) The Land Forces 2014, 22-25 September in Brisbane, Australia, offers an impressive overview of the latest developments in wheeled and tracked vehicles, weapons, ammunition, command and control technology, force protection systems, sensors, simulation and training systems and much more. Rheinmetall, one of the world's leading suppliers of defence technology, will be exhibiting a selection of its product portfolio to Australian and international military delegations and other experts.


No logistics, no operational capability: now more than ever, today's fast-moving armies need to be sure that their supplies keep rolling. Contemporary asymmetric conflicts lack clearly defined front lines, confronting commanders and manufacturers of modern transport, command and multi-mission vehicles with new requirements regarding mobility, functionality and survivability.

RMMV Australia (RMMVA) secured the Land 121 Phase 3B contract in 2013 to supply the Commonwealth of Australia with more than 2,500 medium and heavy military logistical trucks and nearly 3,000 modules. The first reference vehicles for this logistics truck programme are already in Australia for a range of verification and testing activities. The HX77 8x8 with an integrated load handling system can be viewed at Rheinmetall's stand.

The systems of the HX family, made by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV), rank among the highest performing and most cost-effective in their class. All HX vehicles are "military off the shelf" (MOTS) products specially developed for military applications. The HX series ensures extreme mobility and reliability even in the harshest terrain. RMMV's HX MOTS vehicle family not only features outstanding mobility, protection and reliability, but also displays maximum modularity and interoperability.


Rheinmetall's unique competence in the world of advanced weapon systems will likewise be on display. Here the spectrum ranges from non-lethal solutions and infantry weapons to medium- and large-calibre systems and high-energy laser effectors.

A globally unique joint development of Rheinmetall and Kraus-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), the German Army's next generation tracked armoured infantry fighting vehicle, the Puma, is now in series production. During extensive cold, heat and live-firing trials recently carried out in Norway and the United Arab Emirates in cooperation with the Bundeswehr and German procurement authorities, the Puma performed extremely well. A scale model of the Puma AIFV will be on display at the Rheinmetall stand.

Recent operational experience proves that the family of Boxer wheeled armoured vehicles is one of the most advanced, most mobile, and best-protected available today. The basic version of the Boxer was jointly developed with KMW. Several variants of the vehicle are now in service with the German and the Dutch armed forces. At Land Forces 2014, Rheinmetall will be presenting the Group's wheeled infantry fighting vehicle version of the Boxer equipped with a Lance 30mm two-man turret, also as a scale model.

Mortar systems that provide infantry units with an organic indirect fire capability form a further focus this year. Rheinmetall supplies a wide array of mortar ammunition in all standard calibres as well as sophisticated fire control systems.

Rheinmetall has also expanded its "one-stop shop" for 40mm systems. Besides a comprehensive range of ammunition types, the Group supplies weapon systems such as the Hydra automatic grenade launcher and the Vingmate family of fire control systems.

Also on display at Land Forces 2014 will be Rheinmetall's array of 155mm Assegai artillery ammunition as well as the battle-proven modular charge propulsion systems DM82 and DM92.


With over 2,000 systems in service worldwide, Rheinmetall offers a comprehensive array of live, virtual and constructive simulation products ranging from computer-based training systems to highly advanced full-mission simulators for surface combatants, submarines, land and aerial platforms as well as live training for land and air applications. It is a leader in simulation capabilities for fully networked joint and combined exercises. Its Adelaide-based subsidiary, Rheinmetall Simulation Australia, demonstrates the Group's strong commitment to consulting and supporting customers in all areas of simulation and training technologies.

Rheinmetall Simulation Australia will unveil the ASTERION maintenance training system at Land Forces 2014, showcasing the maintenance training for the Boxer wheeled armoured vehicle. ASTERION is a new simulation and training system for instructing the crew of a Boxer armoured fighting vehicle using a new format that combines classic computer-based training and integrated simulation. Also on show at the Rheinmetall stand are components of the Group's comprehensive LEGATUS live simulation hardware. Applications exist for personal equipment, weapons, vehicles, urban operations, exercise control, support equipment and training area communications equipment.

Sensors and fire control technology

High-performance sensors and fire control systems make it possible to quickly detect, identify and discriminate between potential threats, engaging these where necessary. At Land Forces 2014 Rheinmetall's Electro-optics division is presenting a selection of its diverse array of products in this field.

Visitors can inspect the Group's tried-and-tested laser pointers, laser target markers and laser light modules, including some brand new versions of the Vario Ray (LLM-VR). Its latest version can be optionally equipped with an integrated shortwave infrared (SWIR) target marker. With the VR plus, Rheinmetall is entering new product territory. This high-performance laser module features red light and infrared target markers as well as a focusable IR illuminator in combination with a laser rangefinder.


Rheinmetall supplies cutting-edge systems and comprehensive, single-source solutions here - whether the aim is preventing optical, optronic or electronic detection, perfecting individual body armour, developing innovative vehicle systems or even safeguarding large-scale critical infrastructure.

The Protection Systems business unit is responsible for the Group's passive protection products. These are made of lightweight, high-performance materials. From ballistic protection level 1 to level 5 and more, everything is possible. The products are designed for applications in tactical vehicles, helicopters and ships to protect troops and crewmembers. Inserts for ballistic vests made from these materials are also available.

"Soft-kill" solutions offer excellent active protection for ground vehicles as well as fixed-wing aircraft helicopters and ships. Smoke/obscurant systems like ROSY make vehicles invisible to the enemy in the event of an ambush.

"Hard-kill" systems such as Rheinmetall's ADS neutralize incoming projectiles before they reach their target, thus serving as a first line of defence. The multi-hit and multi-defeat-capable ADS offers protection against shaped charge warheads and anti-tank guided missiles. The sequence of detection, determination and interception of an incoming threat takes less than a millisecond. Thus ADS is capable of defeating projectiles launched at very close quarters. Use of a fragment-free countermeasure minimizes the risk of collateral damage. ADS is qualified and in series production for a first international customer, and can be considered military off the shelf (MOTS) product.

Rheinmetall has been one of the most trusted names in the international defence industry for well over a century thanks in part to its unsurpassed ability to integrate new and existing technology into a highly effective "systems of systems". Visitors to Land Forces 2014 can learn more about the Group's comprehensive protection competence at the Rheinmetall stand.

Rheinmetall - for 125 years, a reliable partner of the world's armed forces and security services

Coinciding with the 125th anniversary of the company's foundation, Rheinmetall's presence at Land Forces 2014 underscores once again its role as a leading supplier of defence technology and a reliable partner of armies and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Rheinmetall also maintains an extensive network of international partnerships serving new markets as well as enabling technology transfer that substantially benefits both the industry and military of customer nations. This makes Rheinmetall a highly sought-after industrial partner in the quest to supply modern armed forces with advanced capabilities.

Senior representatives from across Rheinmetall and its affiliated entities will be attending Land Forces 2014. Please visit us at Stand 102 or visit the company's website at

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