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Pneumatic slide gate opening system unclogs casting channels

S.O.S.-P releases blockages without the supply of oxygen

(PresseBox) (Wadern-Nunkirchen, ) For the opening of slide gate blockages during the continuous casting process of high steel grades, Reinguss has developed a new pneumatic slide gate opening system called S.O.S.-P, which can be used with any gas available on the casting platform, like argon, nitrogen or compressed air. This procedure prevents the exposure of the liquid steel to oxygen. It increases work safety and steel quality, because the release is achieved while the shroud tube is in pressed-on condition. S.O.S-P is suitable for open and submerged casting.

The slide gate opening systems by Reinguss are simple mechanical devices, which open casting channels in a short time. They redundantise the hazardous and time consuming oxygen lancing of the slide gate. This is how the systems increase work safety and save time by guaranteeing high steel quality at the same time.

New is, that S.O.S.-P only works with gas pressure and does not contain a propelling charge. This is why any gas can be used, that is available on the casting platform, be it compressed air or CO2 with a pressure of up to 6 bar; nitrogen or argon with a pressure of up to 15 bar are also usable.

If the slide gate is clogged, the shroud tube is detached and the S.O.S.-P is inserted in the shroud tube. Flexible fastening claws are fixing it automatically in the right position. After the shroud tube is pressed on to the collector nozzle in casting position, the operator connects the power gas supply to the attachment of the adapter. The system is easy and safe to operate, since the hose connection is outside of the tundish.
After opening the gas supply, the gas pressure builds up inside the inner rod and catapults the cartridge located inside, upwards with a force of up to 350 N, when the predefined pressure is reached. It penetrates the clogging – the casting channel is open.

Since the shroud tube at this time is already in casting position, the liquid steel is not exposed to oxygen. The S.O.S-P with all its components is completely dissolved after start of casting in the liquid steel.

The price for the S.O.S-P is around 100 EURO due to the simple construction. This is why the expenses are marginal in comparison to time and quality loss or even an accident. The feasibility study of a professional operator has shown that savings of 300,000 Euro per year are possible when using the S.O.S system on solely 50 blocked ladles.

Leonhardt GmbH

Reinguss GmbH located in Wadern/Saarland (Germany) designs and engineers handling devices for continuous casting in the steel industry. The product range includes shroud tube manipulators for casting platform automation, and equipment for tundish preparation, cookeries and casting machines for foundries. In addition the company implements special purpose equipment for installations in which the connection between High-tech electronics and sturdy mechanics is important.

The main issue for all systems is the increase in the safety of people and the process during continuous casting.

Engineering, assembly, monitoring and work shop acceptance for all systems is performed in house; the manufacturing is carried out through a proven network of sub-suppliers.