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Setting The New Standards: With its Digital Business Platform, Reifenhäuser demonstrates how industry 4.0 makes intelligent production possible

(PresseBox) (Troisdorf, ) Realizing intelligent production thanks to industry 4.0. At K 2016 in Düsseldorf, Reifenhäuser, the world's largest manufacturer of extrusion equipment, will demonstrate what the company means by "Setting The New Standards". For eight days (19 - 26 October 2016), customers have an opportunity to visit Reifenhäuser (hall 17, stand C 22) and experience how they can further increase productivity and efficiency with Industry 4.0.

Intelligent and more economical production: Empowered by Industry 4.0

Even if the term Industry 4.0 has been around for a while, many companies still consider it to be a dream of the future. There are vastly different interpretations of how Industry 4.0 can be implemented on a practical level today and how companies can profit from it here and now. No one could any longer afford to ignore Industry 4.0, explained CEO Bernd Reifenhäuser during the K 2016 preview in Düsseldorf: "Intelligent networking and digitalization of the processes and of production, especially in the plastics industry, poses a great challenge to our customers - as it does to us. At the same time, however, it offers unbelievable opportunities."

Ultimately it is about continuing what has been a central topic for Reifenhäuser as a company for more than 35 years: Automation. Industry 4.0 facilitates significant increases in productivity and efficiency, and thus in economic viability. "As the largest manufacturer of extrusion systems, we are well aware of our responsibility and have therefore prepped our team to make the digital future of extrusion a reality for our customers", said Bernd Reifenhäuser. "We think within the business model of our customers and optimize their operational performance."

As an approach to implementing an innovative Industry 4.0 production environment, Reifenhäuser Group has established its Reifenhäuser Digital Business Platform. To this end, Reifenhäuser not only consolidated the entire company group's know-how, but has for some time been employing experts in the field of digitalization and is building up new competencies in fields like data analytics. Because big data not only means large amounts of data, but most of all one thing: The opportunity to draw the right conclusions from this data. In this way, the processes within production can be distinctly optimized in many places.

Data turns into valuable information

Reifenhäuser will continue to place people in the center: With its new operation center, Reifenhäuser offers a sustainable interface between the employee and the production line. The intuitive and context-sensitive design makes operation of the lines easier. The result: Quicker operation and fewer mistakes. The markedly increased user-friendliness leads to an increase in productivity.

In addition, the Reifenhäuser Performance Cockpit converts countless numbers and data into valuable information on the processes within the line. This enables optimal analysis of a line's performance. From the relevant key performance indicators for shift supervisors up to the clear presentation of the line performance for the management. You don't even have to be on site for real-time analysis as the evaluations can be accessed in the office, at home or while away on a business trip.

Combined with modern algorithms, the line's sensor technology delivers even more: The diagnostic center can, for example, inform on parts that are due for replacement soon. This makes production downtimes due to late replacement of wear parts a thing of the past. System faults can also be identified as quickly as possible in this way.

The examples illustrate how Industry 4.0 enables intelligent production. Even if it is still a long way to go before lines automatically download the relevant data for retooling and production optimization for a product change from the cloud. Up to a point where only the desired product and the required raw material needs to be entered. All of the rest - including all production parameters and settings - is done by the line itself.

With the Reifenhäuser new applications, customers will already benefit now from the advantages of Industry 4.0. That means maximum machine performance, less scrap and optimized quality. "Industry 4.0 empowers our customers to make their business even more profitable. For this reason, we are continually reinventing ourselves," explained Bernd Reifenhäuser at the K 2016 preview in Düsseldorf.

With its Reifenhäuser Digital Business Platform, Reifenhäuser claims all the relevant topics for implementing intelligent production and enables customers to realize the potential of Industry 4.0. A range of products and the Reifenhäuser vision of intelligent production is going on display at K 2016. Setting The New Standard in this digital age.

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