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CAP Automotive: RE'FLEKT develops Augmented-Reality-Platform together with international automotive supplier

(PresseBox) (Munich, ) RE'FLEKT GmbH and Bosch Automotive Service Solutions concluded a joint development of an IT-platform for Augmented Reality (AR) that leads the way to lean production of visual content. Real-time-access for data simplifies and accelerates industrial processes.

RE'FLEKT GmbH, one of the leading companies in the area of Augmented Reality, and the Bosch business unit Automotive Service Solutions, in the Automotive Aftermarket division, concluded an exclusive partnership for the development of an Augmented Reality platform in the field of technical documentation.

Both companies are developing a Common Augmented Reality Platform (CAP) that offers industrial clients a standardized process creating Augmented Reality content, such as virtual annotations and enhancements, 3D objects, graphics and video. Using the platform, companies are able to import existing CAD data and receive completely prepared AR content. Additionally, 3D objects and visuals can be generated from conventional engineering drawings. The big advantage is the real-time access of visual content - the necessary information is easily available for viewing on demand.

Augmented Reality platform reduces costs through standardization

Augmented Reality provides the ability to show a technician virtual tools and parts superimposed into his real working environment. AR shows hidden parts like cables and sensors behind cover panels without spending time on assembly work. Reading written manuals as well as transferring the required information to the work place is not necessary anymore, since that information is already visually obtainable on the tablet. The standardized process does not require specialized technical knowledge and can be implemented in various industry fields, such as assembly, service, maintenance, training, and education.

"The added values of the standardized production are high quality content and cost-saving procedures. Up to now, interactive Augmented Reality content had to be programmed individually in a highly time-consuming process with enormous costs. The investment for the platform will pay for itself within two years," says Jürgen Lumera, Director Global Product Management and Innovation at Bosch Automotive Service Solutions.

High-end-Technology for the digital factory

Using the latest 3D tracking technologies, smartphones and tablets detect the real objects to map an exact positioning of the visual Augmented Reality content. Therefore, RE'FLEKT and Bosch utilize all available Software Development Kits (SKD) offered by several suppliers in order to assure clients the best choice of tracking system as well technology independence.

"CAP Automotive is for industry companies the next step to the digital factory. We create a virtual content library with real-time access. Through AR, we visualize the required data and improve the workflow," explains RE'FLEKT Managing Director Kai Thomas.

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