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Raynet releases RayPack 1.3!

Raynet announces the release of the newest version of its packaging solution, RayPack 1.3

(PresseBox) (Paderborn, ) Today, Raynet GmbH, Europe’s leading company in software packaging and products surrounding Application Lifecycle Management, released version 1.3 of its packaging solution, RayPack.

In the latest release of RayPack 1.3 there are a number of new features and functionalities that appear as a result of our customer’s needs. Raynet stays true to its core beliefs of developing products with in-house ideas and know-how, but to also focus on the desires and needs of the customers, both current and future, who need and use the product on a daily basis. Additional information and documentation for the new release of RayPack 1.3 can be found at: RayPack Release Notes

Here is a highlighted summary of the new features from RayPack 1.3:

- RayPack Support for App-V 4.6 packages
With this release, RayPack further extends its virtualization support reach, by joining support for App-V 4.6 along with the already supported Symantec Workspace Virtualization (SWV) and Microsoft App-V 5.0 formats. Numerous customers have not yet switched App-V 5.0 and implementation is still needed. Understanding that need, Raynet has ensured that users can prepare their packaging projects with the substantial feature set of RayPack’s PackDesigner and/or PackRecorder, and simply export to App-V 4.6; clean, simple and with minimal effort. The combination of RayPack’s broad set of valuable package content manipulation and evaluation options is a simple yet powerful way of going virtual, and now it is also available for App-V 4.6 SP2.

- Generation of Windows Installer Patch (MSP)
As an extension to the existing functionality of transform generation, any Windows Installer database (.msi) can be used as foundation for building MSP files. In RayPack 1.3, creating industry-standard format patches is straightforward and requires almost no technical knowledge. A patch can be created from two MSI files, or from quick adjustments made in the current session against the original installer database. It is a great way of deploying both small and minor upgrades, as well as, fixes to custom made, already deployed packages. Replacing a file with a newer version has also become a straightforward task with RayPack 1.3 – simply right click on a file to be replaced and select the new version. The file will then be updated on save/rebuild, keeping the original structure of files, components and other connections intact.

These are just two examples from many substantial improvements that Raynet has added to its packaging solution, showing its commitment to the product roadmap. Other features are, for example, an extended features management for the user interface, COM extraction and self-registration, and run-time files and folder operations.

Additional information can be found on our website

Download the relesase notes: RayPack Release Notes

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