NEW: Backplanes from ICY BOX

IB-553, IB-554 und IB-555 for three, four and five 3.5" SATA & SAS HDDs

Ahrensburg, (PresseBox) - Starting this week the only backplanes RaidSonic offers are the new backplanes of the ICY BOX brand. The reason for this is simple. The ICY BOX IB-553, IB-554 und IB-555 have outstanding quality, at astonishingly low prices. Bottom line: better performance for the same money. So, what are the qualities of the new ICY BOX backplanes?

The first impression: compact and robust. The small backplane for three HDDs needs only two 5.25" bays, the larger ones take three. Material and build quality show ICY BOX did not make any compromise for the backplanes.

For toughest server service
These three HDD-Backplanes have proven their strengths in severe server duty. They take in SATA HDDs as well as SAS HDDs. The advantage for the user: when purchasing the backplanes he may be undecided about the standard of the interfaces, SATA or SAS. He can later change from SATA to SAS smoothly. The advantage for dealers: the combination of SATA and SAS in one ICY BOX reduces the storage space needed.

SAS makes faster and more stable data transfer possible. In the "dual channel mode" the transfer speed is doubled. Or the second channel is used for a second host which can access the drive simultaneously.

These new backplanes are made for the demanding duty in RAID systems. There is Hot Swap® as well as Plug & Play to change hard drives quickly while the system is operating. Temperature control follows the trusted ICY BOX concept. The aluminium parts dissipate the heat. Support comes from an 80-mm fan, reliable and silent. Should the temperature rise too high in the case, there will be audible and visible signals. You can set the temperature limit that triggers the alarm. All parts are designed for huge mechanical strain. The trays and their locks are extremely well fitting, sliding smoothly.
The aluminium parts are electropolished. That makes them more resistant and more durable.

Prices (recommended retail prices including VAT)
ICY BOX IB-553SSK: Euro 109.00
ICY BOX IB-554SSK: Euro 139.00
ICY BOX IB-555SSK: Euro 152.00

Key features
• 3x 3.5" SATA or SAS HDD in 2x 5.25" bay
• 4x 3.5" SATA or SAS HDD in 3x 5.25" bay
• 5x 3.5" SATA or SAS HDD in 3x 5.25" bay
• 2x host connector (dual channel) for each SAS HDD
• Hard disk capacity not limited
• SATA host interface 3.0 Gbit/s
• HDD tray with key lock
• LED for power and HDD access
• Visual LED and audio alarm for fan failure & over-heat
• Access-LED signal from HDD or host selectable
• 80x80 mm cooling fan toolless removable
• Audio alarm mute switch button on the front
• Alarm temperature adjustable (45°C, 55°C, 75°C)
• Plug & play and hot swap
• Support all OS systems

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