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Online configuration and calculation of Ex d line bushings

Our video will show how fast you can define and order your special Ex d line bushing

(PresseBox) (Lauda-Königshofen, ) We created a short video to show how fast you may define, calculate and order line bushings for ex d (flame proof) enclosures, control panels etc. or for the use between Ex e enclosure to Ex d enclosure. . There are a lot of application you can do with such line bushings. Just take 1 minute...

Our link to the video:

We are manufacturing our line bushing in our own facility;
no relocation, no elongated workbench;
flexible, customer oriented, fast and well-priced

Quintex line bushings are available in two designs: screwable and plugable. The default sizes of screwable line bushings range from M10 to M42. If other sizes are required for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, they need to be discussed with certification bodies. With the pluggable variant, sizes are adjusted to those of screwable line bushings. An essential feature of Quintex line bushings is the high adhesion of cast resin on cables. In this aspect, Quintex relies on its experience and is, thus, not willing to compromise: Radox cables are high-temperature resistant and proved to be very adhesive. The cast resin used in Quintex line bushings is a certified future-proof cast resin. It is no special solution that may at some point no longer be produced. We have a wide range of approved strands and cables for our line bushings

More information about the use and application of line bushings at our homepage. http://www.quintex.en/eu

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Quintex GmbH

Quintex GmbH manufactures and supplies material for trace heating (heating tapes, heating cables, controller, connection sets) and explosion protection ( Ex e terminal boxes, purge systems, linebushings,own range of local control function, local control stations - all can be specified and ordered online).