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Cold weather! Think ahead

It is now time to think about frost protection, in the garden or greenhouse for your plants and around the home for pipes, gutters and ponds / Information is now available from Quintex as to how you can go through the winter trouble-free

(PresseBox) (Lauda-Königshofen, ) It is still warm and the summer holiday season is almost over.

Now is the ideal time to think and prepare for the forthcoming colder season. Autumn is upon us once again and there is a lot to do. Plants, shrubs and trees planted at this time can be sensitive to frost damage and require consideration for their survival over the winter period. Large planters and plant pots can be too heavy and cumbersome to move indoors for hibernation. Help is here with heating cables from Quintex. Safeguard your bulbs and roots in plant pots, planters and containers with a heating tape or cable. After that, apply bubble wrap or similar insulation around the plant pot and protection for the winter months is perfect. If plants, shrubs and trees already sit directly in the ground (such as Olive or Palm trees etc.) and are vulnerable to frost damage, these can also be protected effectively with a heating tape. Furthermore, the plug-in heating circuits by Quintex GmbH have a built-in thermostat assuring a more economical system over the entire cold season.

You can also protect your (Koi Carp) pond with our pre-assembled heating circuits. Our electronic controller is already connected and preset. Your valuable fish will thank you in the long run! It is further recommended that you cover the pond surface with balloons, plastic balls or bubble-wrap to help conserve energy.

Pre-fabricated heating circuits are very often used for gutter heating. Here the heating tapes ensure that icicles are not formed in or around the gutter; downspouts and drains are not blocked or clogged with ice and roof formed avalanches don't endanger people or objects below.

But, not only plants and fish need protection from the cold. Water mains, services and supply lines (pipes and waterfeeds) that are exposed to frost should be protected before the onset of the cold weather. It is particularly important to achieve effective frost protection because the possible overall damage created becomes far greater than the individual damage caused by a frozen pipeline alone.

Check vulnerable supply lines, drains and overflow pipes around your home for potential frost damage. Unfortunately these pipes are often overlooked. In the garden, in the garage or shed, in the out-house or lean-to, all of which are usually unheated and only used in the summer can occasionally be exposed to frost damage. Even planters, pots and/or containers that are detected too late are already damaged. No sooner has the 2nd night of frost arrived and the consequences are unavoidable.

Given our past experience a simple solution is offered by Quintex. Again, the pre-assembled heating circuits from Quintex can be used successfully.

The relevant cost for such protection far outweighs any that may be created due to frost damaged or burst pipes.

In addition, all these precautions for anti-frost and gutter protection are relevant to your insurance because the owner is generally responsible for safeguarding his household.

For more information about these topics click here ->

You can also purchase pre-assembled heating circuits directly from our webshop, click here ->

If you wish to configure your own specific heating circuit with connection cable and controller, you can, simply specify the required length and shop from here ->

We hope to save you lots of time and trouble this winter by this reminder. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help and assist you further.

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