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QuinLogic: Maximizing yield from quality data

New enterprise offers software for fact-based decision-making in production management and provides services in surface inspection

(PresseBox) (Aachen, Germany, ) Newly established QuinLogic GmbH offers its customers innovative solutions for optimized production management. Building on many years of experience in the practical use of quality data in steel and non-ferrous metals processing, the company from Aachen in Germany has developed a rule-based software programme capable of automating and objectifying the decisions taken to optimize the processing routes of products during the manufacturing process.

The company is also the first manufacture-independent provider of maintenance and optimization services for automatic surface inspection systems.

Automatic surface inspection systems have become commonplace in the steel and aluminium industries. Like all measuring systems they must be serviced, i.e. the detection and classification parameters must be tuned by specialist personnel and adapted to changing requirements in order to provide reliable results at all times.

Now an independent company is at your service offering expertise in evaluating and optimizing inspection systems from various manufacturers. Having been into automatic surface inspection for many years and decisively determining the development of the technology, the experts from QuinLogic have the necessary know-how to optimize the surface inspection systems in operation in the works. They take advantage of their longstanding experience and practical work in surface inspection in steel and NF applications.

They tune and adjust the detection and classification systems for their customers, individually tailored to the specific production lines and their products.

QuinLogic offers its services for any inspection system. The QuinLogic experts dedicate their broad experience to a wide range of different lines – from hot rolling through to the finish-coated strip – to the benefit of the customers and independently of any manufacturer interests. This makes systems tuning really efficient.

Norbert Kotthoff, Manager Projects and Service at QuinLogic, sees a great potential for the customers. ”Surface inspection systems serve dynamic requirements and need continued adaption to new customer requirements. With our service offer we ensure that the systems provide the best possible results at all times. Enhancing inspection performance by 30 percent after only three weeks of systems tuning is in many cases realistic.”

Based on their experience in handling large amounts of quality data and integrating them into the production processes, the QuinLogic team has adopted a new approach to optimized production management: A newly developed rule-based and easily configurable decision-making software enables comprehensive evaluation of the available quality information and makes suggestions as to the further processing route of the products. The idea behind this approach is the optimal use of all products even if individual quality criteria are not within the desired corridor.

Typical questions could be for instance: “If it turns out that a strip is unsuitable for its planned purpose, how can I reassign that strip to different purpose?” or: “How can I optimally use a strip which except for some shells in certain areas otherwise has a perfectly flawless surface?”

The QuinLogic software decides at each production step how to best further process the product. This decision-making process takes into account data from many different sources – sensor data, nominal and actual product properties, machine availability or data from databases and information systems.

In each case the result is a harmonized, at any time reproducible decision that is based on clearly defined rules.

QuinLogic GmbH

QuinLogic is an independent company developing quality management software and providing services for all aspects of surface inspection.

The company was established in 2008 in Aachen/Germany by a team of engineers who have influenced the development of automatic surface inspection in the steel, aluminium and paper industries for more than a decade.

QuinLogic offers manufacturer-independent service during operating trials, evaluations of inspection systems, integration of systems as well as optimization of detection and classification systems.

In addition, the company has developed a rule-based decision-making software, which – using data from most different sources – guarantees optimal use of production material.