The export structure of the German machinery industry is highly concentrated - new in the Quest Trend Magazine

The export of machines from Germany has been treading water like the worldwide industrial production. However, this economic situation is combined with a certain structural problem of the export markets: their high degree of concentration.

Bochum, Deutschland, (PresseBox) - The Quest Trend Magazine has recently published a survey about the export structure of the German machinery industry that supplements further surveys regarding the shifting of the export markets since the world economic crisis and the industry structure of the German machinery industry.

In 2012 the German machinery industry exported worldwide to 221 countries. In fact, just 20 countries account for almost three quarters of all exports of machines from Germany.

Analyzing these 20 countries in more detail it shows up that they are divided into two groups.

The 27 European Union countries received 44% of all exports of machines from Germany in 2012. Taking those European Union countries into account that show the highest export quotas for machines from Germany, 10 European Union countries emerge.

Just these 10 European Union countries absorb 82% of all exports of machines going from Germany to the European Union. They show a share of 36% of the worldwide exports of machines from Germany.

Outside of the European Union there are the four BRIC countries Brazil, Russia, India and China. These four countries account for 2% of the export countries with a share of 19% of all machine exports from Germany in 2012.

The four MIST countries Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey form likewise 2% of the export countries with a proportion of 6% of the machine exports from Germany.

The two countries the USA and Japan stand for a proportion of 1% of the export countries and 11% of the machine exports from Germany.

These three groups together form again 10 countries showing a share of 36% of the worldwide exports of machines from Germany.

So the export structure of the German machinery industry is briefly summarized in such a way:

72% of the machines worldwide exported go from Germany to only 9% of all export countries, including 36% of the exports to 10 European Union countries (4.5% of all export countries) and further 36% of the exports to further 10 countries outside of the European Union (likewise 4.5% of all export countries).

The remainder, 28% of the exports, is distributed through 91% of all export countries, i.e. 201 countries.

The survey aims to facilitate the review and the fine-tuning of the export strategy of the machine-builders. Further conclusions are subject to future surveys.

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Quest Trend Magazine

Quest Trend Magazine publishes trends in automation from the users's point of view mainly in machinery industry, automotive and F&B industry. The economic backdrop of these trends are highlighted as well.

The trends are based on market surveys by Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London, specialized in market surveys and marketing for the automation technology for more than 20 years and the publisher of the Quest Trend Magazine in English and German language.

The economic backdrop is analyzed by Quest Research, a department of Quest TechnoMarketing.

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