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The change of the control technologies 2011 from users’ view

(PresseBox) (Bochum, Deutschland, ) The fair SPS/IPC/Drives in November 2011 in Nuremberg bids with newest technologies for users. However, how can the impact of the users, the machine-builders on the technological change be currently und detailed determined?

Quest TechnoMarketing covered with scarcely 250 machine-builders in 10 machine-building industry sectors the changes intended by these machine-builders in the use of the control technologies this year.

These changes are creating positions of the control technologies:

Three control technologies, i.e. PC technology, operator panel with integrated control system (BwC) and the integrated control platform (Ist) prove as attractive control technologies in this year’s change because these technologies are attracting new users and applications (blue bars in the chart).

Two control technologies keep stable in the change this year, remaining in use only slightly changed (green bars). These are the CNC and the microprocessor control (MP), which is frequently an in-house solution.

PLC and contactor-based control technology (C), however, are losing applications this year being substituted by other control technologies (red bars).

It shows up clearly this year that the machine-builders regard integrated control technologies such as PC, operator panel with integrated control system, control system platform as attractive preferring them in the change. So integrated control technologies are attractive in the change of this year.

The percentages in the chart cover the respective number of change-willing machine-builders regarding the control technologies concerned. Machine-builders, which do not modify anything in the control technology this year, are not considered.

Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London, has developed this approach to determine the impact of the users on the technological change.

This analysis is comparable with the voter transition analysis in the context of parliamentary elections. Similar to the voter transition analysis that records the exchanges of the voters among the parties, the analysis of Quest TechnoMarketing makes the changes among the control technologies visible.

While the voter transition analysis starts after the election, our analysis, however, starts „before the election“, referring to the planning and intentions of the following eight to twelve months. Before market shares of technologies and suppliers have changed, the dynamics of these changes are already announced in this analysis.
This is the analysis’ benefit for machine-builders and manufacturers likewise.

These trends are covered in the study „What the machine-builders will change in the automation technology 2011“. Highlights, table of contents and budget of the study in English and German are available on The article in the Quest Trend Magazine is available on

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